Whenever we write or create documents, we also inadvertently create errors in the document. Sometimes it could be errors of omission or simply ignorance. Errors are unavoidable unless external sources are put in a place to eradicate them.

We could use humans as the external source, editors are people who read your work and correct errors while improving the quality of your work. This can be time-consuming and ineffective especially if there are a lot of documents to go through.

That's why Grammar checks were put into typing apps or, to ensure that our document, spreadsheets or memos were error free.
One of such typing apps is the Google Docs, this article will be reviewing everything about the Google Docs Grammar Check. Google Docs, in essence, is a stylish Microsoft Word. It is a web-based application that allows users to type, create, edit and share documents offline and online at no costs to users.

Google Docs is part of the fabled Google ecosystem (Google apps for everything ranging from music to geography). It is a useful tool for experienced typists and amateur users. Access to work done on Google Docs can be shared with others without even sharing the file itself, you could even limit the access of the shared parties.

Because of its ability to synchronize easily, Google Docs is a very good tool for large enterprises where the top brass will need to check the work of the rank and file employees in real time and make changes to it.

Google Docs has its own Grammar check and we will first discuss how to use it, its pros and its cons.

How To Use Google Docs Grammar Check

Step 1

To enable the grammar check, start your Google Docs app and look for the "Tools" menu. Click on it and search for "Spelling and grammar"

Step 2

Click on "Spelling and grammar" and it will lead you to a box suggesting alterations to the article, memo, spreadsheet or document you are creating. You could either choose the recommendations you want, disregard all of them or accept all of the recommendations. Some words will be unfamiliar to the Grammar check, a function is available to enable you to save those words to the dictionary so that it won't pop-up as a mistake again.

Note: This is a one-off approach. The next time you want to search through your documents for errors, you will have to follow the same procedure again. But rest easy, there is a way to turn the grammar check permanently on.

How To Turn On Automatic Grammar Check On Google Docs

Step 1

It isn't hard to turn it on permanently. It is done in the same menu mentioned before. Go to "Tools", click on it to find the "Spelling and Grammar" section.

Here is where it deviates a bit.

Step 2

After clicking on the "Spelling and Grammar", it will open up to a list of functions. Choose the function that reads "Show Grammar Suggestions" and "Show Spelling Suggestions". Once you toggle this function on, as you type, mistakes will be underlined in red while grammar structurally incorrect will be underlined in blue.

You have succeeded in making sure every time you type, your errors are automatically outlined.

Note: There are third-party apps that will check your documents for you if you feel your google docs grammar checker isn't totally doing it for you. Grammarly is a good example of one of these third-party apps. It will seamlessly check for errors and rigorously examine your structure.

These third-party apps can be added to Google docs by the use of Chrome Extensions. Search for settings, click on it, find extensions and search for the extension you wish to add. Add the extension and it will have an effect on the tabs you open.

You can always disable any extension you add by going through the same procedure and disabling the extension.

To breakdown this article into bits, here is a list of Pros and Cons about using Google docs grammar check.

  • It seamlessly corrects mistakes with different colors for errors and grammatically incorrect statement.
  • Fast and efficient in pointing out errors.
  • Flexibility in permanently activating it or just using it as a one-off the program.
  • It is free, it literally costs nothing to use.
  • New words can always be added to the dictionary.
  • It will always underline words that aren't included in its dictionary whether they are right or wrong.
  • It will only look for nuances, it cannot tell whether words have ambiguous meanings.
  • Other dedicated third-party apps may work better for your creation of an error-free document.


With Google Docs, typing is really nice and stylish. When you add the grammar check into the mix, you'll have a powerful document app that works fast and is efficient. Google Docs Grammar Check definitely does have its limitations but it is good enough to use.

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