Have you ever had this stomach-churning feeling that you are underutilizing your android device? Well I usually do and I believe your android smartphones have hundreds of incredibly cool features you don’t even know exist, all wasting away simply because you are not aware of their existence and this sucks since the developers must have spent loads of time working on it to make your android experience fun and as comfortable as possible. I have compiled a long list of several functions and features your phone is equipped with but you probably weren’t aware of till now. Here we go:
Google read my text messages
1. Hand Gestures and Multi-touch

Depending on the model of your android device, there are a variety of hand gesture shortcut support for your android devices, which includes:

· Taking screenshots - on many Samsung devices running android os you can take screenshots with just a swipe of your palm across your screen, while other specific gestures are available for the same function across different android manufacturers, the simple delight of swiping your palm across the screen and the satisfying click sound that comes with it is both fun and very useful. It’s a much easier and faster shortcut to taking screenshots to use a combination of buttons which serves as an alternative in most devices. Using the screen gestures also help to reduce wear and damage to your power and volume buttons.

·  Access Notifications Bar – You can gain easy access to your notification bar by swiping down on your home screen. Simple right? With a swipe down on your home screen, you can drag down the notifications window that houses all your shortcut icons on your smartphone.

·  Zoom and Spin – Yes, yes, I know, everyone knows this one. You can form two fingers into a pinch to zoom your screen across several apps and sites. But do you know you can also spin your screen on certain apps? Like google maps – you can just use the same two fingers to move around google maps and spin the map to a position that is most comfortable for you to observe. You can also make your desktop or home-screen app icons disappear by pinching it into a ‘zoom-out’ form. With these, you can admire your awesome new wallpaper without all those apps tainting its beauty.

There are several more fun and interesting gestures that you can utilize, check under your accessibility and hand gestures settings on your phone. Note that you might have to configure or activate some gestures under your phone settings.

2.  Google Assistant Features
Compared to its competitors like Alexa and Siri, Google assistant doesn’t usually get them props it deserves. The app is equipped with all kind of features that users tend to just ignore or are not aware of, either way, let’s take a look at some of the most exciting of them.
Google Assistant Features
·  Reading your text messages – Yes! With a simple, google read my text message command, your smartphone would read out your text aloud to you, this can be applied to a wide range of text media as long as google assistant recognizes the app or platform you want it to read from.

·   Hire a Cab – With the latest update of your assistant, you can now book a taxi using just your voice command and the assistant will find you the most cost-effective ride to your destination from the transport companies it recognizes. Cool right?

·  Play – Right, when next you are feeling bored, call on google assistant to light up the air. It is capable of several fun items, it could tell you a joke, recite a poem, give a riddle, give you a beat to dance to and even play games with you. See… I told you that you were missing out.

There are myriad of other things google assistant can do to make your daily life much easier, some of which you are already familiar with, so don’t hesitate to call on your assistant.

3. System UI tuner
Have you ever run into the system UI tuner on your phone’s settings? You probably have, ever wonder what good it is? Well, the system UI tuner enables you to configure some awesome features on your phone. It is important to note that not all phone supports this feature as it is an experimental feature and can mess up your phone customized settings, which might not be fun for you. But it’s incredibly exciting that you can tweak and customize some of your phone’s settings. If you don’t find the System UI tuner at first glance under settings, swipe down on your notifications bar and click and hold the gear settings icon on the top right corner, it will spin into life, and that signifies that the system UI tuner has been activated. The degree of settings available might be different depending on the phone’s manufacturer. Some of the things you can mess with are to enable or disable items on your quick menu bar, re-arrange the bar to your taste, enable ‘Do not disturb’ mode and modify power notifications control. Incredible isn’t it?

Your phone is more amazing than you give it credit for, next time you are on the drive-way and you receive a text notification, simply say Google read my text messages.