There is a constant need to share files efficiently between devices. Developers are always breaking their heads over developing better software and hardware to transfer data in a quick and secure manner without corrupting the files. Technology for file transfer has evolved from using infrared beams to apps that use WiFi. BlueTooth can thus be used for transferring data. But the rate at which BlueTooth transfers data is nowhere near that of WiFi, WiFi file transfer apps can transmit data across devices at much higher speeds and lower chances of corruption than BlueTooth. So it is recommended that you use WiFi-based apps for transferring large files.
Best Bluetooth Transfer App For Android Devices

That being said, blue is still a viable option to transfer data across mobile devices. It can provide adequate speeds of transfer if you want to share small files. The range of BlueTooth is lower than that of WiFi, thus it would be harder for third parties to connect to your network. Below the best Bluetooth transfer app android has been listed along with a few alternatives.

Bluetooth File Transfer

This is the best available software on the Play Store for transferring files between android devices using BlueTooth. It allows you to manage files on any BlueTooth ready device. It allows you to transfer files and contacts between devices using the File Transfer Profile and Object Push Profile. It has a very clean and fast user interface that makes it very easy to use. It also allows expert developers to customize the user interface as they need. It is also secure as incoming BlueTooth connections are managed by a custom security manager. This ensures that only approved devices are able to connect and thereby protect your private data from possible hackers.

The software is also able to connect to many old mobiles that some advanced apps don't support anymore. Bluetooth File Transfer is also able to connect to new android phones. It is also able to secure your private documents using AES encryption of Zip files. While the app is free on the Play Store, it does display many ads. You can prevent these ads by purchasing a "Medieval Licensing System" on the market.

Bluetooth App Sender

With applications growing bigger and bigger, downloading applications for each device individually via the internet is very taxing on our data. Whether you want to save data or don't have data, being able to transfer applications over BlueTooth is useful. Bluetooth App Sender provides this service. It allows the transfer of your applications as APK files over BlueTooth, it also allows you to transfer them using email, Dropbox or even Facebook. It is also able to transfer apps that are in your memory card, a feature that many apps lack. The app has been tested on many devices, but it is not able to function on a few select devices. The app is free to download from the Play Store but it does have many ads.

Bluetooth Files Share

This application enables you to share a variety of file types like apps, music, document, photos, and videos over BlueTooth. It has a good UI that makes transferring files very easy. The app can also be used to manage your files. As an added bonus you will also be able to transfer files you've stored on your cloud using this app. The advantages of this app are that it allows you to turn BlueTooth on from your device, lets you administer your BlueTooth connections,  and supports google drive and dropbox. It also allows you to transfer files through social media applications. While this application is free too, it also has a stream of ads that pop up when you use the application.

Bluetooth Sender - Transfer & Share

This could be your all in one stop for your BlueTooth transferring needs. You can transfer all data types with this application. It has a feature called Sending Bucket™ that allows you to easily select and manage the files you want to send. It also has application extractor, this enables you to transfer applications to other devices. This is especially useful if you want your apps backed up. It has a file explorer that is able to open and view most of the common document types.

Bluetooth Transfer Any File

This allows you to transfer any file over BlueTooth in a secure manner. It has a very simple user interface that allows people to transfer files using a very little number of clicks. It allows you to transfer a single file to multiple users, while also allowing you to accept files from multiple devices simultaneously. It also provides you confirmation of shipments and downloads. The app doesn't collect your personal data as there is no need to log in or register to use the application. This application is also free and has many ads, while there is a premium version that upgrades you to an ad-free experience.

BlueTooth is a good option to transfer files with devices right next to you. Many developers have worked on it and the Play Store is filled with many apps that facilitate this. While BlueTooth does offer a considerable amount of speeds, apps based on WiFi could provide you with file transfer rates that are over 160 times as fast as Bluetooth ones. Do consider trying out a few WiFi-based apps like ShareIt as they can save you a lot of time. These apps tend to use more advanced algorithms to which reduces the chances of file getting corrupted during transfer. This said, BlueTooth is yet to become redundant and it still has its uses.

While Bluetooth File Transfer is considered to be the bestBlueTooth transfer app android, other applications also have good features. While all these apps do the same job and can easily replace each other, finding one with your preferred user interface and minute features that specifically cater to your needs is necessary.