You are most productive when you manage your resources well. Time is your most precious resource and properly dividing time for each component of your day will make your day very productive. Starting every day with a plan and a list of objectives to full fill will ensure that you spend the day wisely. A day has only a fixed number of hours and it is in our hands to ensure we make the best out of it.
Best Time Management Apps For Android Devices

While writing down your plan might work, it is a very archaic method. Android devices have many apps that are meant to help you track how you spend your time and also lets you plan for your day. Time management is crucial to curb bad habits and inculcate new ones. These apps just make it easier to do that. With more and more developers producing time management apps, below listed are the best time management apps android in the play store.


This application helps you organize your daily appointments, chores, and other objectives. The intuitive and clean user interface of the application makes it very easy to use. You can integrate your calendar with your appointments and todo lists. It also lets you construct custom widgets. The application has a very good free version, but the premium version is worth upgrading to.


Todoist is an application that lets you assign due dates and different project labels to each to-do objective. This lets you track how you are progressing on each project. You could also add new tasks using your desktop in addition to adding through your mobile app. To make things fun, it gives you something called "Karma points" when you constantly complete tasks. This application also has a good free version, but the premium version is much better if you are serious about managing your time effectively.


Need to stay off your phone and focus on the task at hand? Forest is for you. Whenever you need to start focusing, plant a seed in the app. The seed will slowly grow into a tree. If you leave the app, the tree will die. It tracks how much time you've spent without using your phone and encourages you to go even longer without your phone each time. The company even collaborates with tree-planting organizations and users can spend their virtual money to plant trees in real life. It is free for android users.

Focus  Booster

This application uses the PomodoroTechnique model to track your work. It also further analyses how exactly you are spending your time and for what goals you are spending your time. It possible to link your meets, revenues, and projects to each Pomodoro cycle and gain an insight into the impact of your work. This application has a free version, but it also has premium versions that range from $2.99/month to $4.99/month.

Loop - Habit Tracker

Bad habits are the doom of a productive day. These habits can cause us to get distracted from the work we have to do. This application lets you form productive habits by giving you a list of behaviors you must repeat every day, this inculcates the habit into you. This list is determined by the goals you want to achieve. This app is free for android users.


Toggl allows you to track the tasks and roles you perform. You will be able to determine which is consuming most of your time and lets you know how you can improve your habits and processes. This overall will lead to a boost in your productivity. The basic version of the application costs $9 per month while the premium version costs $18 per month. You will also be able to access your data using a desktop.


This app was developed by three neuroscientists. It has a proprietary collection of music tracks that have been mixed and edited to help your brain perform certain tasks better. The app provides you with a collection of tracks based on your selected genre and energy level. These tracks will help you focus and achieve flow in your work, thus boosting your productivity. The app costs $9.95 per month, but more the users you have lower is the price per user.


This application helps you keep track of your everyday activities. It is very useful for sales representatives as it allows them to track and manage leads and clients. It also allows them to collaborate with their sales team. They have free basic software while premium and business versions cost $9.99 per month and $19.99 per month respectively.

Tomato Timer

Do you find yourself extending breaks that were meant to be short? Tomato Timer lets you decide the amount of time you should spend on each task or break. It throws up an alert when the time's over. This ensures that you don't spend too much time on breaks and also make sure you know it when a single task takes too much of your time. The application costs $ 2.50.


FocusMe tracks the amount of time you spend on distracting internet sites and allows you to block those sites. It also has a scheduler and a Pomodoro timer among many features. This allows you to focus on your work. FocusMe is free for android users.

Time is the most precious gift you will ever receive. Once wasted you cannot get it back. Thus it is crucial that you manage your time effectively to make the best out of your day. While will power is the key to forming any good practices, these apps can make it easier. Find an app that suits your budget and needs and download it to get started on a more productive version of yourself. Make use of the best time management apps android to ease the process of finding the perfect app for you.

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