Connecting your device to your Netgear wireless router is relatively easy to do. If you are connecting to an Android device or a Windows OS device, you can seamlessly and easily connect to your router. There's no rocket science or special technical know-how required for such. However, with your iPhone and most other iOS devices like tablets, iPad and so on, this might be a little bit out of the ordinary. For this type of iOS operated devices, there is some special process you might need to take. This process is what we intend to help you understand in this article.
Connect iPhone To Netgear Wireless Router
The Process of connecting your iOS device with your Netgear router is hereby outlined below-

First, you need to remove the power cable from behind the modem provided by your internet service provider.
Once that's done, the next step is to connect one end of an Ethernet cable into the "internet" port on your modem. Likewise, you will connect the other end of the cable to the "internet" port on your Netgear wireless router.

After that, you can connect your power cable for the Netgear router and modem to power-cycle your modem and create the required connection to the wireless router.

From your PC, click on "Networking icon" and click the "Netgear" option. That done, open a web browser on your PC and visit the URL once the website loads, input your login details. By default, the login details for Netgear router will be "admin" and "password" respectively. Otherwise, check the device's materials or check the body of the router itself for the login details. Once you've inserted the login details, tap "Ok"
To change your default login details, from the admin panel of your router, click on the wireless tab> select the "security" menu from the next page, and then click on the "WPA" option. Type in your preferred SSID and Password in the provided space and click "Apply". Your settings are saved and your login details are successfully changed. Always use an easy to remember login details because you will be needing it for most of your router's troubleshooting process.

Once you've set that up, you can now proceed to your iOS device. On your device, click on the "settings" icon and from there tap select "Wi-Fi". Slide the "Wi-Fi" button to the "On" position and tap on your Netgear network and insert the password you've created. Tap "Join" to connect your iOS device to your Netgear router, and that's done.
If you do the above and you still keep receiving an error that the phone is "unable to connect to network", try entering the password again.

The problem also could be as a result of too much distance, so keep your devices at a range as close as possible. If the problem persists, try restarting your device, your access point and the router itself.
There are other problems that you might face when connecting your iPhone to your Netgear wireless router.

One of the possible problems can be with the Netgear router not been properly configured or your iPhone might not detect wireless network.

If the router isn't functioning optimally, you are going to have a problem with connecting devices. Also, if you don't get the right configuration for your iPhone, you might have a problem with your connection as well.

How to Troubleshoot your Netgear wireless router

If your router's LED light is not blinking, then the issue is with your Netgear router. In that case, you need to restart your Netgear router. To do this, you will simply press the reboot button that is located at the bottom of your router.

If the distance of your iPhone from the router is wide, you can reduce the space by making sure your router is closer to your phone. Another hack for a strong network is that you should always keep it on a raised platform for better signal transmission.

If there is any obstacle like walls, furniture or metal between your iPhone and your Netgear wireless router, remove any such obstacle for better connectivity.

You can also change your Wireless router to another network frequency from the web app at

How to troubleshoot on your iPhone

First, ensure that your Wi-Fi is properly switched on.

Also, you can try restarting your device and this might solve the issue.

If your iPhone is not detecting the wireless router network in the network session, try refreshing to see if you will get the network.

Also, if after this you still face the issue, you might have to do a factory reset to troubleshoot the problem.

If the problem persists after all the above troubleshooting process, you might try contacting the Netgear router support team. Also, you can use the help of a professional.