The age of technology is guiding us to a future with no cables and thus no cluttered living room with entwined wire lines. There is now accessed to free TV programs, channels, and sometimes even Livestream. One of the best of these new generation programs is KODI. It is most free and offers multiple operating systems that give ultimate access to many torrents based and available programs online. There were already many similar programs for mobile players, but KODI is meant for your big TV screen. This application has much to offer. If you want to get the best out of KODI, it is recommended to learn all about its add-ons. You can stream different content through various add-ons. Smooth Streams facilitate your access to many repositories that can open you up to a world of TV magic entertainment. Here is the step-by-step guide to installing Smooth Stream KODI Add-on;

Installing Smooth Stream On KODI
Installation of Smooth Stream

This guide will walk you through the installation of the Smooth Stream add-on. Although don’t forget to get your username and password, high-speed and an n unlimited internet connection and a high-resolution screen to match with quality service from KODI.

Start with turning on your KODI application

By opening the home page screen of KODI, find the option for setting on the screen. You can find it on the top left panel. And then click on the setting icon.

Find ‘Add-ons’

The setting icon redirects you to a page with multiple options. You need to find the Add-ons button icon.

Enabling unknown sources

Once you have clicked on the Add-ons, look for the icons that are indicating to unknown sources; you are required to give permission to enable unknown sources by clicking on the ‘Yes’ button.

File manager

Then, you need to find the icon that states ‘File Manager’ and click on it. You will be redirected to another page where all the options of file managers are available to you.

Add source icon

Once you are inside the file mange page, look for the option that states ‘ Add Source” and a clock on it. You will be presented with some options from which you need to choose the icon that is stating ‘ None in the popup box” and click on it.

None in the popup box

Once you have entered inside, there is an option to enter a URL. If you have already a fresh link for Smooth Stream, add-ons go ahead and enter it. If you don’t have any links or the previous link was no fresher and failed the add-on download, you can make some research. There are many websites and blogs that offer valuable information about Smooth Stream troubleshooting and also include links. is an example of these links.

Add the link

Once you have your link, just go ahead and enter it in the URL box.

Name it

Below the URL link is another empty box requesting a name. This name is optional in choice; that means you can use any given nickname to your add-on. However, since you will be downloading more add-ons probably, keep it memorable and simple. You can name it as Smooth Stream to avoid any complications and mishaps.

Rechecking the link

Once you have placed the URL and the name in the place box, make sure the file has been copied correctly. If all the information is correctly added in the pop-up box, then press the ‘Ok’ button.
This is to ensure the correct process; If the link is broken, you will have to start over again. As the famous saying goes better to be safe than sorry always.

Home page

Now redirect to the main page of the KODI application and go to the panel. There you must find the icon that states ‘Add-ons’ and click on it.

Zip file installation

On the redirected page, you will be represented with a zip file. You are required to download this zip file by pressing the install button. Here you will need to select the repository with the given nickname as ‘Smooth Stream’.

Smooth Stream Repository

Once you have done this, you have activated the Smooth Stream repository. You need to click on the smooth stream repository. There, you will be taken to program add-ons. A page that offers you access to many programs. You can choose any of the add-ones.

Smooth Stream Add-ons

Then, you will need to select the Smooth Stream Wizard. Click on it.

Smooth Stream Wizard

You will find an option to install the Wizard. It may take a short time for installation.

Access Smooth Stream Add-ons

To access the add-ons, you will need to redirect to the home page. Go to the Add-ons option again. And once you have entered choose your favorite sports program.

Before you start

While KODI offers many of the Add-ons for free, Stream Smooth requires a small registration fee through PayPal and/or bitcoin. The reason lies in the content. This streaming is mainly focused on sports channels and programs. Once you have subscribed, you will be offered a username and a password. You will not be able to get through until you subscribe. Although the big fans have sworn by the higher quality of services and the wide range of content coverage.


Smooth streams Add-on is usually meant for sports fans; it supports various sports content such as ESPN, Fox Sports Go, NBCSN and many other sports channels. It provides a wider range of access to Movies and various TV channels and shows. It is not possible for you to find this Add-on on the unpaid subscription; You must have entered through your username and password. Then only, you can benefit from the ultimate Smooth Stream.