It has been almost two months, I have purchased  Samsung Galaxy S10e as an unknown moron has stolen my previous smartphone google pixel. Ridiculously it has been stolen from my home. Maybe our hostess has done this job beautifully. Another thing, at that time, I was planning to purchase a new one. There are three reasons behind it. First of all, the phone was almost two years old, and I wanted to buy a recent model. Second, the outlook of the phone was extremely bad; it looks like a 7000 rupees phone. Even a 7000 rupees phone is better than that in terms of look. Third, I was looking for a handset with a better camera (though after using S10e, I realized that Google Pixel's camera was a little bit better). 

This time amazon gave a speedy delivery, probably within 16 hours. The thing that I love the most is its display. Dynamic AMOLED with the 60-hertz display. It looks like a premium phone, and it definitely a premium handset. Samsung's phone is not new to me. My first phone (it was not a smartphone) had a 2MP camera. Then I have used Samsung galaxy S8 and Samsung galaxy note 8. I have a great experience with both of these phones. S10's camera is pretty good. It works fine at night time like it's predecessors. The only fault is its extreme sharpness. Sometimes it feels odd to seem that sharpness level. Another one is a notable feature of Samsung smartphones. It's nothing but saturation. When I captured an image with Google Pixel 2's camera, I had to edit it for a more vibrant color. Now i don't need to edit the photo as the phone's image processor automatically increases the saturation. Sometimes it gets worse, especially at sunlight. It looks over-saturated. Here are a few sample images captured by my S10e. I hope you will get an overall idea of its camera.
Samsung Galaxy S10e Sample Image 1

Samsung Galaxy S10e Sample Image 2

Samsung Galaxy S10e Sample Image 3

Samsung Galaxy S10e Sample Image 4

Samsung Galaxy S10e Sample Image 5

Samsung Galaxy S10e Sample Image 6

Samsung Galaxy S10e Sample Image 7

Samsung Galaxy S10e Sample Image 8

Samsung Galaxy S10e Sample Image 9

Samsung Galaxy S10e Sample Image 10

Samsung Galaxy S10e Sample Image 11

Samsung Galaxy S10e Sample Image 12
Today I was looking for a better camera app to capture less sharp pictures. Google camera mod is available for both Snapdragon and Exynos processors. Many people create mod apk of Google camera for Samsung. But unfortunately, my handset does not support the mod apk. It crashed every time I installed it. Even I have tried from xda-developers for a perfect apk, but alas, I failed. The latest version is Google camera 7.2, which uses in pixel 4 and pixel 4 XL. Probably Google camera 6.1 would run smoothly on my phone, but I did not try as it was backdated. I have tried in several modes- hdr on, off, pro mode, by default settings, but the saturation is still a minus point of Samsung's smartphone camera. 

On the same day, I was watching a camera review of Samsung's flagship model, S20 Ultra. It has been published by the moment. The video is fantastic and beautifully shown in every light condition. I have noticed one thing- the standard camera of S20 ultra maybe 12-16 megapixel can't remove the extreme sharpness, whereas the 108-megapixel camera provides a beautiful picture with normal sharpness. And 100x zoom, which has been named space zoom, is just insane. I'm entirely mesmerized by that feature, but the thing is that I don't have enough money to afford a 93000 rupees phone, and at the same time, this phone is 6'9'' inch by length. Personally, I'm not too fond of this type of lengthy handset. The reason behind purchasing S10e is short length- 5'8'' inch, which is very handy and perfect for keeping it in your pocket safely. 

Xiaomi is going to launch its flagship model note 10 in India soon. It is now the top smartphone camera reviewed by popular site Dxomark. The photo gets a 134 score, which is extremely good for any smartphone camera lover. This smartphone is 6'47 inches. A little bit shorter than Samsung galaxy S20 Ultra. Still oversized for me, at least. And nowadays, all smartphones get this kind of length. Only iPhone 11 pro is 5'8" inch. but it's overpriced- somewhere between 96000-99000 rupees. iPhone 11 is also good, but according to maximum reviews, the display is not up to mark. So it's a negative point for staying away from iPhone 11 pro because nowadays almost all smartphone gives 90-120 hertz refresh rate, AMOLED/OLED display. For your kind information, Xiaomi is the leading smartphone company in India due to their budget phones. One of my friends recently purchases Poco X2, which gives Sony IMX686 image sensor; it's the latest sensor provided by Sony. And the price of the phone is 15000 rupees. So it's a budget-friendly smartphone with the newest image sensor; it's good.

I was not aware of the internal memory of my current handset Samsung Galaxy S10e. I thought it might be 64GB. After purchasing, I saw it's 128GB, which is quite sufficient for me. Generally, I don't store photos or videos (rarely I capture) on the phone, rather than I prefer cloud storage like Google photos. Google photos is one of the best inventions by Google inc. The most surprising fact is, it can recognize any face captured by any angle. Google photos have quickly recognized the side face and front face of the same person. They are using machine learning to differentiate between person to person.

Nowadays, most of the smartphone companies provide back cover within the box. But S10e is an exception. I had to purchase a back cover for it. Spigen's back cover is the best back cover, I have been used. It is a perfect size and well fitted and comfortable while holding the phone.

If you don't have any back cover yet, and you are looking for a new back cover for your smartphone, go for Spigen. I guarantee you will love it. Anyway, no more today. If you have any questions or suggestions related to this article, feel free to ask me. Just do drop a comment below the comment box. If you like this post, kindly share it with your friends. The easiest way to share this post is through WhatsApp because not almost every smartphone user uses WhatsApp. Below the post, there is a button to share this post with a single click. You can also follow me through social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Have a beautiful day.