Snapchat trophies are a reward scheme from Snapchat to their users. These trophies are earned for achievements and accomplishments while using Snapchat. They have become a sensation across the social media world and the internet. It has become a thing of pride among Snapchat users to be able to display their impressive trophy cases to other users. While you are collecting the trophies, you will likely want to check on your progress as you go on. In some cases, you will want to see the requirements for earning a particular trophy. 

Why Can't I See My Trophies On Snapchat?
Whatever the reason, you will have to access your trophy case to check your progress. In some cases, you may realize that you can no longer find your trophy case in the usual place. The trophy case will seemingly have vanished into thin air. This can be worrying especially to a collector who has made so much progress. In many cases, people start to panic and flood the internet seeking answers. It gets more worrying when you can't find a suitable answer or solution. You may begin to feel that there is a problem with your smartphone. There is no need to panic or do something extreme. If you can't find your trophy case anymore, there are simple explanations to save you the trouble.

You don't have any yet

This case is very rare but it is possible. You can't find any trophies on your Snapchat if you haven't collected any. In this instance, your trophy case will still be intact, but they're just won't be any trophies in it. Instead, you will see the default images when you open your trophy case. The default icon is a locked padlock and this will be in all the trophy slots. This is an indication that you have not yet won any trophies. Once you start to collect trophies, the default icon will be replaced by every trophy you collect. You can continue to collect trophies until your trophy room is filled. When you realize that you are yet to win any trophies, you can click on the default icon. 

Each icon is replacing a trophy and will contain information on how to collect the trophy. From the icon, you will get the required action to unlock the trophy. So you will get the required information on how to get that trophy. With the information, your task is made easier and you can begin to earn trophies. As you earn, you will notice them begin to appear in your trophy case. If this is your case, then get to earning trophies. If this is not your case, then check out the other cases.

You are using an older version of Snapchat

Snapchat trophies dis no always exist. They were introduced in mid-2015, along with the latest Snapchat version at the time. So if you have a version of Snapchat that precedes the addition of the trophies, you won't see them. This is another unlikely situation but it is possible. If you are on a low-end smartphone, your phone may only support older Snapchat versions. 

So if you have been hearing all about Snapchat trophies and are excited, you can't collect them yet. This also applies to those that have already collected trophies on their Snapchat account. If for any reason, you switch to a low-end smartphone, you will not be able to see your trophies. This is simply because the Snapchat version you are currently using does not support it. 

In some cases, an OS update can help to rectify this problem, even if it will be temporary. With an OS update, you may be able to upgrade to a more recent version of Snapchat that supports trophies. You can check your OS version against the requirements for Snapchat versions to confirm this problem. If this is the case, then you can try with the upgrade to solve the problem. You can also get a better smartphone as this will solve the problem. If however, this is not the problem with your Snapchat, then you can check for other reasons.

You have the latest version of Snapchat

This is ironic considering the last reason, but it is the most probable cause of the problem. In the latest versions of Snapchat, trophies are no longer available. They have instead been replaced by charms. This may be another feature of interest to you so you can check it out. Many people are not happy that Snapchat trophies no longer exist, but there isn't much that can be done. The change was sudden and came in the mid-2019 update of Snapchat. You no longer have a trophy case, not to mention trophies. Many people still hold on to the hope that Snapchat trophies will return one day. I don't know if they will return, but only time will tell. Snapchat has not commented on the removal of trophies from the platform yet. Rumors, however, claim that the decision was to reduce the level of addiction among Snapchat users.

 If you can reinstall an older version of Snapchat, you will be able to use trophies once again. You may need to disable automatic updates though, as this will cause the app to update to the current version. You will be right where you started once again with no trophies. The best option may be to just accept that they are gone and move on.


Since Snapchat trophies disappeared, so many people have been wondering what happened. Some people felt there was a problem with their smartphones, and took drastic measures. In some cases, some people bought new smartphones, while others reset their phones. The trophies have not disappeared, but rather, Snapchat has discontinued this feature. They have introduced new features though, so you can try one of those. There is nothing wrong with your smartphone, Snapchat has simply evolved.