The IGTV has been serving us with beautiful and great videos from different people, and we have been enjoying them. Some people do not have the IGTV app, but IG users have been privileged to watch IGTV videos, whether short or long videos from their Instagram app and they can undoubtedly say they have been enjoying them. In case you never knew, the IGTV app is a free download, Instagram's new app for uploading and watching videos. 

Uploading IGTV videos could be so hard. Even though it has served us with beautiful videos, it has generated several questions like how long does IGTV video take to upload? Why is IGTV video not uploading? And many others. These are not new as they are specific problems faced by many IGTV users.  
How Long Do IGTV Videos Take To Upload?
The minimum video length for IGTV video is 15 seconds, and a maximum of 10 minutes for regular Instagram users, and a minimum of 15 seconds and 60 minutes for users with larger accounts and verified accounts. The video size could be as much as 5.4GB for a 60 minutes video, so that should give you an idea that IGTV is not here to play. 

If the size of a 60-minute video is that long, you should know that it is most likely not going to be smooth uploading it. There is no specific amount of time for an IGTV video to finish uploading. It depends on so many things; these are why it could take a shorter period or longer.

How long or how short?

  • The period it could take would depend on the size of the video: The size of the video would largely contribute to how long it would take to finish uploading. You would not expect that a video of size 650MB and that of 5.4GB would finish uploading at the same time. If nothing is wrong with the mobile devices and the networks are not bad, those videos would not take the same time to upload. So one of the reasons an IGTV video could take a long period may be due to the size of the video. Larger video sizes tend to take an extremely long period. If you are uploading a short video, it should upload quickly, if there are no other problems. If you are uploading a longer video, it will take some time to finish uploading; so take your time and be patient. If there are no other problems, your video will get uploaded with ease.
  • If you are using the wrong device: Your uploading will be extremely slow or would not upload at all. Are you trying to use your mobile phone to upload a 60 minutes video; you should know that you are in for delay and impossibilities. If you have to upload an IGTV video of that kind of length, the requirement is that you use the desktop; if you are then trying to go against the urge, then it will take forever. Also, the IGTV app does not effectively work on all mobile devices, as several people complained that the app keeps crashing on their phones. The app size and contents might be too burdensome for those kinds of mobile devices. When uploading an IGTV video, use the right mobile device. If your mobile device capacity is small for the IGTV app, you might have to get a better mobile device that can accommodate the app. If you are uploading a large size video, use a desktop to make it easier.
  • If you have a poor connection: This is usually the cause of delay. Your kind of network could determine how fast or how slow your IGTV video would get uploaded. You should not have a fluctuating connection or a bad one and still expect that your video gets uploaded immediately. It would not even matter if you have a short video clip, or the small size of the video, if your connection is terrible, then it will take a long period to upload, or it should never upload. Make sure you have a good network. Also, try to dis-enable and enable your connection if your upload gets stuck. If you are using WiFi, move closer to the source to get a good network.
  • If you are not getting it right: Now it would not matter if you have the correct size of the video, the right mobile device, and a good connection. If you are not doing it right, then it will also take forever to upload your IGTV videos. There used to be the IGTV icon on the Instagram app, until very recently that it got removed. To upload an IGTV video, you can no longer use the IGTV icon on the Instagram app any longer because it is not available. You have to get the IGTV app and use it to upload your IGTV videos. Trying so hard to get your IGTV videos from the Instagram app would be useless and would take forever to figure that out. If your uploading should not take too much time, you have to get it right. Get the IGTV app on your mobile devices or desktop, and follow all instructions promptly.


Like it has been stated, there is never a specific time for an IGTV video to get uploaded. It could be short or long. You should not be discouraged with the app because many people have complained that the app is not working well. 

It could appear so, especially if you have tried a few times without it yielding any positive results. Follow every IGTV upload instructions promptly and make sure you do them right. You will keep enjoying IGTV videos as you upload them and watch others do so too.