So at this point of your TikTok app's use, you've probably derived satisfaction viewing the videos uploaded by others on the platform,  and you intend on making yours. Most likely, you are intrigued by how they can string multiple videos together into a single video, and you'll like to do the same. 

Or you are a new user on the platform and have got little experience on how to get around stringing videos together. Whatever your unique situation is, this article will equip you with the simple guide on how to string multiple videos together into a single video

This information will add to your excellent user experience on this platform. Please remember that the TikTok app only uploads video content of up to 60 seconds long. So the multiple videos you intend on uploading when merged will not exceed this time limit.

How To String Tiktok Videos Together

Two options are available. You could either do so-
  • Directly from the TikTok app
  • Making use of a third-party app

Directly on TikTok

Provided you've installed the TikTok app on your mobile device, launch it open. Then tap the menu bar, the Add button that's having a plus sign, centralised at the bottom section of your display screen. The camera screen will be displayed showing three options of "Effects", "Video" or "Upload".

Tap the "Upload" button option at the bottom right section of your camera screen, and you'll be taken directly to your phone's gallery that contains the videos you wish to merge. Look closely, and you'll find a "Select Multiple" option located at the bottom left corner of your device's gallery. Hit this button and select all the multiple videos you want to combine. Once you're satisfied, tap on the "Next" button to move on.

The TikTok app strings them together in the order you have selected them and allows you to trim them to the 60 seconds length required and to your desired taste. There's also the option to synchronise sound to the video to provide more fun. Once you're satisfied syncing music across media and adjusting it to begin, fade and end where you intend, hit the "Next" button.

You'll move to the preview screen section of your editing where you see the work you've done and may decide to add more sound, effects, stickers and text. When you're satisfied with the output, tap on the "Next" button to move to the Post screen section. Then post your favourite TikTok video by hitting on the "Post" button found at the bottom part of your screen to share.

The slight disadvantage of using the TikTok app to string videos together is that you're not able to trim sections within each of the video clip you are merging. It allows you to cut only the beginning and ending parts. This degree of trimming might not satisfy the need of some persons. Here is where the second option of stringing videos come handy.

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Making use of a third-party app

With these third-party apps, you are capable of editing your desired video content to your taste and finally uploading it on the TikTok platform. Since these apps are meant solely for video editing, they provide lots of features that satisfy your need. You only need to edit them not to exceed the maximum time limit of 60 seconds permissible on the TikTok platform.

Lots of apps are available for use on your PCs and smartphone devices. We'll just take a look at one of them in this article. And that's the InShot Video Editor, which is an incredible app that not only strings videos together but also synchronises songs and provides filters and sticker for sound editing. How do you use it:

Step 1: Locate the app on your Apple Store or Google Play store and download it. Upon launching the app, you'll find two options on the menu screen, indicating that you can either edit or record, displayed as "Edit" and "Record" respectively. Since we are interested in merging already existing video clips, tap the "Edit" option. And it will take you straight to your phone's gallery.

Step 2. Click on the various video clips you intend on merging. The bottom of the screen displays the multiple video clips you've selected in the precise order you picked them. To alternate their positions, you just need to tap on the clip and drag it to the new location where you intend. Once you're satisfied rearranging, click on the arrow located on the right side of your display screen and this will automatically merge your video clip and sent within the app's editor for further editing.

Step 3. After selecting the clips from your gallery, the automatically merged video will upload on your app's editor, with the timeline located directly below the preview window. To trim, you just have to drag the blue coloured handles on both ends of the timeline. It will enable you to remove unwanted sections and string a video not exceeding the 60 seconds time frame.

One unique feature that accompanies the Pro version of this app is that you are capable of even trimming off the middle part of the video you are editing. At this stage too, you can select the video's aspect ratio and the playback speed.

Step 4. When you're satisfied trimming the video, you proceed by tapping on the "Next" button located on the upper right corner of your screen. A new screen display will appear that allows you to add music, filter and glitch with the "Music", "Filter" and "Glitch"  icons respectively. Other effects of your choice can be done on this stage. When you're satisfied, proceed to the post screen stage.

Step 5. After reviewing your work and you've got no further additions, you'll find export button located at the top right corner of your screen. Tap on it, and you'll save your work. Also, you'll find another export button tagged "Other" by the side, tap on it and select TikTok as your desired destination. So there it is, your stringed video clips will be made available on your TikTok platform.

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At this stage, with these vital tips you've come to know, your usage of this fun app has been enhanced. You'll be able to have a swirling time as you're gradually being exposed to the limelight. We hope this will enable you to achieve your desires.

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