Sound is an essential part of human makeup because it forms a perfect blend to characterise something beautiful. Be it in the form of art, nature or any kind of media that transmit the proper degree of sound; it is always superb. But a noise, on the other hand, could make a beautiful piece look terrible.

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So when it comes to TikTok, there's no exemption. The incorporation of sound transforms the various art on the platform. It enables users to have a memorable moment while making use of it. But this sound too has to be correctly synchronised with the content produced. It has to be fitting else it could become terrible. Therefore, the trimming of sounds is necessary.

Trim Sound On Tiktok Slideshow
How can this be done on the TikTok platform where you are capable of creating numerous slideshows. This article will help explain in details how you can do it. It will be useful for you, especially if you're new on the platform. There are two options in carrying this out. They are-
  • Through the TikTok app
  • Through a third-party app

The TikTok app

Step 1. Launch open your TikTok app and record your slideshow as you've always done. You can upload them from your phone's gallery or the templates provided on the TikTok app. After uploading and you're done reviewing it, click on the "Sound" option found at the bottom left corner of your screen.

Step 2. Select a song from the list provided and if none meets what you're looking for, hit the "More" option. It will give the total sounds available on the platform for your use. Please note that the length of the most popular audio is just 15 seconds. So invariably, your slideshow's display length will be limited to 15 seconds of play when you use such songs.

Step 3. After clicking the song of your choice, a sound wave display will appear below your screen meant to give you control over editing the music. Click and drag the audio wave button to either the right or left to trim off the unwanted section. Left there will be the part you desire to use.

Step 4. At this point, you've successfully trimmed sound, and if you follow the onscreen prompts, you'll be able to add the cut music to your slideshow. Using the TikTok's sound editing feature, they restrict you to only trimming off the unwanted part in a song only from both ends. You're not able to remove elements from the middle. It could be disturbing for some users who desire more.

Also, the TikTok app no longer allows the use of imported sound from outside the platform for video editing or slideshows. They restrict you to only making use of the tones provided on the platform. These sounds too might not meet up your expectations. So what can you do? Here's where the second option comes handy.

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Through a third-party app

These apps have lots of accompanying features that were provided by its developers to meet the video editing of their users. Lots of them are available for use on both your PCs and your mobile devices. In this article, we will focus our attention on a handy video editing app that's compatible with iPhone and Android mobile devices. It is the InShot video editing app. Here's how you can make use of it in trimming sounds for slideshow.

Stage 1. Download the InShot Video Editor app from your Google Play Store or Apple store. Launch it and under "Create New", hit on the "Video" option. It will lead you to your phone's photo library where you're to select the video to upload.

Stage 2. Get rid of the original video sound by scrolling to the right till you find the "Volume" button in the menu under the video—checkmark after you've turned it down to zero.

Stage 3. Now, scroll back toward the left and hit the "Music" button. After which, tap on the "Tracks" labelled option to select sounds from your phone. On so doing you'll be presented with a "Featured" option meant for music inside your phone after following the onscreen prompts.  And the "iTunes" option that lets you access your iTunes account to upload music from your library.

Stage 4. To edit the track, tap on in the editing menu at the bottom of your screen and select the "Edit" option above. Trim the song according to how you desire them to be. Decide what points in the song you wish to be heard that'll soothingly fit your slideshow content. The "Fade in" and "Fade out" enable you to control what section of sound will be faded. Also, the volume can be adjusted too at this stage. Checkmark once you're satisfied.

Stage 5. Return now to the editing menu. At this point, we are about to synchronise our song with the slideshow. Drag the edited sound above your slideshow till the song begins where you desire in line with your video. Checkmark once you're satisfied.

Stage 6. Preview your finished work and tap on the export button found top-right corner of your screen to save on your phone. After saving, select the "Other" button to export to your TikTok app for upload. And that's it! Your edited slideshow, accompanied with the trimmed sound, have been completed and uploaded. At this point, feel free to post the slideshow as you usually do on the TikTok platform to your audience.

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From this article, we have seen that you can do more with your TikTok app. Your videos can be edited even down to the song you wish to make use. These are just simple processes as you've seen. When done correctly, you enhance your creative expressions to a state that leaves others in awe. With this, we hope you express your creative skills in beautiful ways.