TikTok is the new ‘in’ place for video creators to be. It is an app that offers the opportunity for individuals to create a lip-syncing 15-60 second video, with a pre-made sounds library, pre-existing filters, and effects it allows the creative mind to show off their skills. TikTok is currently one of the most downloaded apps across the world, with ages ranging from 14 – mid-30s however, most users being in between 14-24 years of age. This being said, there are other alternatives to TikTok if you want to use your creativity but do not want to be a part of the mainstream flow or if TikTok just isn’t offering exactly what you need.
What Are The Best Alternatives Of TikTok?
We list here some of the other apps in direct competition:


This is the older sister of TikTok, created before TikTok but with very similar attributions. Although Dubsmash did get overshone by the newer version that is TikTok, it was and still is indeed very popular. With over one hundred million downloads there is no doubt about it. Also providing a library of pre-existing sounds to use in the videos there is always fresh content for creators to work with. Dubsmashhas the ability to add stickers and text as overlays to your original video, allowing for the user to add more depth to the videos made.

The layout of this app is slightly similar to that of Snapchat, allowing you to split the newsfeeds into two, having a feed for your friends and pages that you follow and a feed for other accounts you may be interested in.  Each video created can be shared with your other social media websites and also saved directly to your camera roll on your phone.

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This is a platform more focused towards the video editors out there rather than those looking to create li-syncing videos. With a vast choice of trending music and different effects available the user can upload their video or compile a few photos to edit into each other in one clip. Creating a completely unique video with the background of well-known music clips. This app is well known amongst the younger generations who enjoy editing and adding to their videos. The video clips created can then be shared with their profiles or saved to their camera roll. One of the added features to this app that others do not have is that users have the option to share access with other users of their camera roll, this may seem like an invasion of privacy though and so is something to be considered if you are thinking of downloading this app for your children to use.


Cheez is a great app to use for the interactive user. This app not only allows you to create videos to a variety of different sounds including, comedic, vlogging, and fashion videos but also gives rewards for certain videos being watched, commented, and liked on. You can also receive rewards for your videos receiving a lot of views, likes, or comments. This app is interactive in the sense you are able to not only create edited aesthetic videos but you can also create your own challenges, dance-offs, topics of discussion, and debates. Cheez, like other video posting apps, has filters and visual effects already included on the app so editing is easy and accessible giving you the chance to really wow your followers.


This is the app used to edit the videos which are later uploaded to social media. With hundreds of ready and available filters, visual effects waiting to be used. Triller also offers what other video apps do not, and that is the automatic editing of your video. It recognizes what is best for you and applies it (you can change it later if you do not like the edit that it has produced). Although Triller is not a social media platform in itself since it doesn’t have a community, doesn’t allow for you to follow or be followed by other users however it is great for those looking to vamp up their content.

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This app used to be called LIKE however changed its name in 2019  since it was initially used predominately by the Indian community and the producers wanted to broaden the audience and so re-branded it to likee to make it more successful. This app is a ‘clever’ video editing app since it allows you to add effects and filters as you like but then can apply them to coincide with the sound or music that you use, for example, if the music gets higher or louder in one part of the video the effects can display that. Making it not only great for you to hear but also interesting for you to see. You can also edit the length of your video within the app or merge two or three videos together, depending on what you are trying to create. The only concern on the Likee app is that all videos published are public however it is up to the user to select who can contact them directly.

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This app allows you to really delve into your creativity by allowing you to edit not only the basics of the video such as filters, texts, and stickers but also allows you to edit the speed of your video meaning that you really have the freedom to produce the music video of your dreams. You can also make collabs with your friends or followers with one simple move. The only downfall with funimate is although it is free to download there are some in-app purchases if you want to access some of the more developed editing aspects. 

So each app has its own benefits and things to consider however you will decide which one is best for you to use and which one suits your editing skills by thinking about what you want to use the app for. If you are just messing around then it may not make a difference however if you are looking to progress or develop skills in a video editing career you may have a more specific need.