Getting that verified shining blue tick badge beside your profile name on twitter does not necessarily need you to be a global personality with a cult following or something. Although the micro-blogging platform does have a few guidelines to fulfill before applying to get a verified status on Twitter, just some tips, and carefulness can make you succeed in getting the blue tick verification on your first request.

Twitter is a micro-blogging social media platform where users interact with each other in a 280 character text message. It has gotten popular with time where the President of the United States of America and an anonymous troll can interact with each other and be heard. Some users use it just for fun, some use it to say things that matter to them, while some use it to promote their business.
Tricks To Get Verified On Twitter Without Being So Famous
While Twitter clarifies that the blue tick badge along with the profile name of the handle, be it a person or an organization, is not an endorsement by the company, the verified status does bring a lot of benefits on the social media platform which includes lots and lots of attention, originality, and authenticity to your brand identity, and your chance to create more and more new customers. Many users think that it needs a lot of popularity or at least a few million followers on the platform to get verified on Twitter but the fact is that even with a thousand or two thousand followers profiles with their unique identity get the verification blue tick badge on the platform. So what does it takes to get verified even when you are not that much famous? Let’s get into it. Some things that must be kept in mind if one aspires to have a shining blue tick badge ahead of his profile name on Twitter are listed below:

  • No anonymity: The whole purpose of verifying twitter handles of public importance was that no one else could impersonate or imposter someone else and create a confusing, or embarrassing, or harassing situation for the person being impersonated. Also, Twitter has strict rules for parody accounts of celebrities of people on their platform and are often on the radar of their community guidelines. Anyway! If you are applying and you think you deserve a verification badge with your profile name, there should be rigorously no anonymity remaining in your profile. You can go to the 'Edit Profile' section of your profile to edit, change, or add your proper every detail an individual is identified within a society. A proper username, as well as a display picture, clearly showing how you in-person look like is a thoughtful tip for getting verified. Not only this, but your bio should also mention your biggest achievements till date and describe you as a person. We will get to this in detail in the next point. No anonymity means that the individual or organization is completely known to the micro-blogging platform and can reach out to you. So verifying your phone number, email address and precise location are the best things to come out clean as an individual or organization doing just fine in their respective field.You should add as many links to your works, your websites, your business etc. to show proofs of your identity and profession. Also, getting a verified Twitter handle is a subjective decision so turning your account public is a good move.

  • Public interest account: Twitter says specifically a very few things about how to get verified on Twitter. The perks of getting a blue tick are significant. Twitter says if your account is in any way in the interest of public with you being a person doing something important in your field (Music, film, TV, journalism, business, art, sports, others) you are a deserving profile to get a verified twitter handle. The “others” mentioned in the specifications open the door to not so famous people. All you have to do is sell yourself by stating your worth.

  • App usage: If you are asking a platform to recognize you as the original you care very little about the platform itself with least recognition, least interaction, and activities on the platform, it is most probable that you would not be able to get verified. Hence, before trying to get a verified account, you may want to interact, tweet, retweet more, and more with your handle with all your personalization without any anonymity. Also, no need to mention all your activities on the platform should be responsible and not violating any of the Twitter guidelines and policies. Taking a glance at those guidelines is not a time waste but worth it if you want to get a verified twitter handle.

  • Connections: You should use as many connections as you want to be associated with,on the platform. From each byline you got in a publication or every speech you gave, or is working for any organization that has already been verified is always a plus point in your or inability to get a verified blue tick badge ahead of your name.

With so many perceptions about the blue tick badge around, Twitter recently clarified that in no way it intended to assert the verified handle's authority over the other or any endorsement by the platform. Apart from all this, a blue tick does provide you or your business with a lot of perks that could be used to propagate your ideas or expand your business more and more.