After Sushant Singh Rajput's death, depression has been more popular term, atleast in India. A 34 years actor with 3-4 hit movies committed su!s!de and the reason is still now found. I wrote an article about Sushant. Just like I wrote an article after Chester Bennington's death. Both news was really shocking to me as well as to the entire nation. 

I'm also suffering from bipolar disorder, and I wrote about it a few days ago. I created a post related to this article on Facebook. And reaction? 5-6 out of 300 people like it. The post has been shared for 20 times. People got it interesting, as they were all in doubt about my illness. I have tried to clarify it. Even I have mentioned Yo Yo Honey Singh, and Deepika Padukone's name as both of them are suffering from depression. It's very hard to express exactly how depression feels like? People who never face this kind of disease, never understand. 
Whenever I engage in my blog- post an article, approve or decline comments, read more about search engine optimization, check traffic on my iPhone, check my Adsense earnings; these times are great. I really enjoy this. But when I don't have any work to do, I feel lonely, I feel depressed. I miss my old school friends, my best friend, my journey towards Kolkata, and any amusement park like Eco Park or Nicco Park due to the coronavirus. I miss those badly. I miss Juliet; I miss Radha. I miss my Mehul. Do you know them? Leave it then. It's very tough for me to hold someone for the lifetime. I'm not a good boyfriend. I'm possessive; I'm arrogant, I'm reckless, I'm egoistic. Though work like thrones in the path full of petals of roses. 

I was Googled- how to stay away from loneliness. Whenever I need any kind of information, I google it. Google shows several points. One of them is to pet a dog or cat. There is already a cat in our home. And if you pet a dog, you have to spend quality time with it. Moreover, you have to take it away from home for latrine and potty. Besides, they are suffered from several diseases. You need to consult a veterinary sergeant—a lot of headaches. If you pet some fishes, those are good. But they will not respond back. They are not playful with you. So no cat, no dog, no fish. If I pet an exotic bird, they make the cage as a dirty place. And it's important to train the exotic bird. If they bite me or scratch on my hand with their legs, it would not be very pleasant. So no bird. 
Pet Dog
I have searched a lot for purchasing a talking robot. Though Google Assistant works well still, I was looking for alternatives. I searched on Amazon and Flipkart for a robot. But none of them were able to please me. Now I'm waiting for Meena. Do you hear about Meena? It's a chatbot made by google. It can chat with you like a person. It has been made with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Though Google is working hard upon it to make it towards perfection. I don't know when they will release Meena publicly. Then a lot of lonely people like me will be happy. I'm really waiting for that day. 

Today I took a book from my bookshelves; named- Amader Kotha (Our Story) written by Satyajit Ray's wife Vijaya Ray. I purchased the book in the Kalyani book fair in 2008. I found a letter written by me, to one of my friends, Ankan. Who is now a promising doctor. I wrote- dear Ankan, I have finished this book within two and a half days. I did not purchase to read about Vijaya Ray. I'm highly interested to know about my idol Satyajit Ray. Vijaya ray was his wife. Both of them are no more. Still, their creation will be evergreen even for upcoming generations. I was hoping you could read the book and let me know about your experience. Regards, Sourajit Saha. 

After writing a few words, I feel a little bit relaxed. When I came to writing, needless to say, I have started answering questions on Quora, and here is my profile. I don't know why my profile doesn't show on google. Even my Tumblr blog doesn't show on google. What rubbish. I have answered 38 questions till now, and my answers have been seen 600+ times. It feels better when you are solving someone's problem, but who will solve my problem. Where is Mehul? It will continue. Anyway, no more now. If you have any questions related to this article, please let me know in the comment section below. If you find it share-worthy, share it kindly with your friends on various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. Hope for the best. You can keep reading my other article. Tata.