I love how Amazon Fire Stick allows us to binge-watch shows and movies. It comes with a portable device and a remote for easy operation. For those who do not know what an Amazon Fire Stick is, it is a small portable device that streams movies, games, photos, videos, and even music. You can carry this everywhere to enjoy its service. But a proper setup should be ensured every time when you use a different device. Only then it works fine. If the device is not handled properly, it can raise issues. Handle the device with care. Here, in this article, I have helped you with suggestions about the working of the remote. It also clears your confusion if you wanted to buy a new one. If something is wrong with the remote, can you just buy the remote alone again?

Can You Buy Just The FireStick Remote?
Yes, of course, you can. There are several options for buying a Fire Stick remote separately without buying the device. But before concluding to this decision, try to find why your remote has stopped working and see if the solution for it is here in the article. There is no solution if the remote is lost but buy a new one. Lol, just kidding. But I even have a solution for you to know what to dowhen you lost it. Check my other article titled ‘What can I do if I lost my FireStick remote?’ The following may be the reasons if your Fire Stick remote is not working properly.

Check the batteries

See if the problem of the remote is because of its batteries. If the batteries had drained out, it would not work. Try removing them and use fresh batteries to ensure if this is the reason why it had trouble. Buy only alkaline batteries for long life and always have a spare at home. Because you cannot immediately run to the store if your batteries had drained out. Remember to clean the two metal prongs inside the space.

Factory reset

If you find that the buttons in the remote are not working, then try to factory reset it. This method will not reset your remote to factory settings, it will just reset the remote. Disconnect the device from all the power sources that it’s been connected to. Press the Menu button, Back button, and Left navigation circle button simultaneously together at least for 10 seconds. 

Wait until at least 60 seconds for the remote to factory reset. Now remove the batteries of the remote and unplug the device. Wait for around 60 seconds and re-plug the device back to the TV. Wait until the menu bar displays before inserting batteries into the remote. Once done, insert the batteries and press hold the Home button for at least 30 seconds for pairing the remote. See if the remote is functioning normally.

Proper pairing with a device

For a device to work properly, the remote must be pre-configured. The batteries are connected through a Bluetooth medium. Make a search if any other devices around had paired with the Fire Stick remote. For this, unplug the Fire Stick from the HDMI port and plug it in again. While the system is getting ready, press the Home button for 10 seconds to connect with the device. A Fire Stick can connect and pair with 7 Bluetooth devices. Check and disconnect the one that’s been a hurdle. If none of the above worked, then you have to opt to buy another one. Since the Fire Stick works with Bluetooth devices paired with, you will not have issues to find and pair a new one.

Buying a remote

You can find a new Fire Stick remote on the Amazon website. There are still other websites that sell remotes that you can pair with your Fire Stick devices. They are embedded with Bluetooth and infrared technologies for the pairing. But usually, a fire stick doesn’t employ infrared methods. If you are buying them from other websites, don’t fail to check the warranty services that they offer. There are high chances of the third party remote to not connect with your Fire Stick device. If the device doesn’t pair with the remote that you buy, you should be able to exchange it.

It’s always good to buy the new remote on the same platform or from the same dealer where you initially brought your Fire Stick. To buy it on Amazon is the best option I would say. Because you will already be familiar with how it works, so you will need not end up getting stuck anywhere. They do not have the warranty problems like with outside parties. In Amazon, if you need to buy a replacement remote, there is only a default choice: Alexa voice remote.

The Alexa voice remote has been improvised on two factors.Also that they have built-in microphones and all of the Alexa commands will work as the previous remote. The quality of volume buttons is changed so that now you will need another remote to increase the volume level. Second is the power button with which you need not use any other remote to turn the device off.

The pairing of the new remote with your Fire Stick device is very easy. You just need to disconnect your device from the power sources. Go to the Settings and find Amazon Fire TV remotes under the Bluetooth option. Choose to add new remote and connect the new remote with your device. And press the Home button for 10 seconds, the device will get paired.

Maintain a proper distance from your Fire Stick device for the remote to work properly. The minimum distance should at least be 10 feet. If your room is larger or if you find the device to be far, find a position to re-arrange the device to be within the range. The remote and the device should go along the line of sight. Do not keep any electronic devices nearby or any object to obstruct the signals. I hope this article cleared your doubts about buying a new remote. If so, share your views.