Watching TV is a daily activity that everybody enjoys. You work the whole day and relax after everything by watching TV. But got interrupted binge-watching because of a lost remote? This can be annoying at times and happens often. Do not worry. I can give you a few tips on how to find a lost remote. If that doesn’t work, there are other alternatives for a lost remote. Read the article to know more about how to deal with this issue.

Tips to find your remote

This is a very basic and common problem that everybody faces daily in their lives. The remote just vanish all of a sudden and be found nowhere. It becomes more difficult for you to find the remote than losing it. Lol. Sometimes you search around looking for it one place, but out of nowhere, you find it from some other room. This happens at times. Chill. Losing your remotes has become very common nowadays. Especially when it is of your Smart TV’s, the remote is even smaller and gets lost easily. First, let me give you a few tips on how finding for the lost remote.

What can I do if I lost my Firestick remote?
  • Check the desk of your coffee table/ teapot table. Always replace your remote only here after using it. 
  • The next suspect is the couch. When you are watching the TV all relaxed, you place the remote somewhere on the couch. Make a thorough check of the in-between spaces of the sofa and under the pillows.
  • Look under or around the furniture to see if it has fallen down by chance. Look near the TV stand to see in case you have placed them there.
  • Look around in the rooms that you went in while watching TV. You would have taken it along with you while talking over the phone or going in search of something.
  • Check with your housemates to know if they have misplaced or seen it somewhere.
After a thorough search and still the remote goes missing, we have other options. Scroll down to know what are they.

Remote control finder

If you are going through the problem of losing the remote often, the remote control finder can be of great help. It can help you find the remote without even having to look for it. These thin cards are smart enough to help you find your missing remote. Attach these cards to the back of your remote. 

They work on blue tooth technologies to connect to your phone. You can ring the card using an app through your phone when you don’t find the remote. With the ringing sound, you can just grab the remote instead of looking for it everywhere. A remote control finder works within a range of 100 feet and hasgood battery life.

Using a remote control finder, you can find the remote only if you are very sure if it is somewhere in the premises. But what if not? The best alternative is the Amazon Fire TV app.

Amazon Fire TV app

This app supports all android, iOS devices, Fire Tablet, Fire phone. Go to the play store or app store and download this app under AMZN Mobile LLC. Once installed, you will have to pair it up with your Fire Stick TV like the remote. For this, open the app and you will see a list of devices. Choose your Fire Stick TV device. Your Fire TV will display a 4-digit pin on the screen. This is called the connection request code number. Enter this number on your app. Done! Your mobile is paired with your Fire Stick. You can now use your phone as a remote. This is one of the easiest methods you can adopt when you have lost your remote.

The remote has the exact features as that of the physical remote. In fact, the app is much user friendly than the remote. This app is more helpful when you are traveling somewhere and you have forgotten to take the remote along with the Fire Stick.

Another remote

If you have another Fire Stick remote, then you can use it to pair up the current Fire Stick TV. Just press the Home button for at least 20 seconds. The new remote will pair up with the TV and you can now connect the Wi-Fi and start using it.

If not another Fire Stick remote, you can also use your normal TV remote to pair with it. Yes, TV sets are nowadays designed with the CEC feature. The CEC is a feature of HDMI, where it connects with other HDMI devices by integrating them. You can now use a single remote controller for both the TVs’. This feature is turned off in smartphones. Go to the settings menu and enable it if you wanted to pair it with the Fire Stick TV. They work on blue tooth technologies.

Connect an ADB

Using an ADB, you can control the Fire Stick device for a time period. Since the Fire Stick TV doesn’t have any way for USB devices, we are opting for this way. For this, your device should have been enabled with the ADB feature. Connect your Fire Stick TV to your device via ADB. There are several commands for the ADB feature on how to navigate and use it as a remote. Read them online to see how each moves works and go through the commands for each move. Each command equals a single move. The reason why I told this method can be adopted only for time being is that the moves are difficult to handle using commands. But it is always better to have something with than nothing left with.

I hope you found your way to choose when you lost your remote. These suggestions are going to work for sure. Share your comments and tell us which method you found helpful in using it as an alternate for your lost remote. Now go enjoy streaming your favorite.