Fire Sticks are so great. I love them because it’s like you no more need a television wherever you go to watch your favorite TV shows. The Amazon Fire Stick has been the replacement for it. You can stream any movies, music, videos, photos, TV shows, even games, and many more. Since the device is portable, you can carry it along everywhere you go and connect it to any screening device to binge-watch shows if you are bored. In this article, you can find how to use your smartphone as a substitute for the Fire Stick remotes. Keep reading! In case if you have lost the remote of the Fire Stick, you can use your smartphones to connect and enjoy streaming videos. If you don’t want to buy a remote, the best alternative you can go for.
Can I Use My Phone As A Remote For Firestick?

Amazon Fire TV app

The best alternative for a remote is the Amazon Fire TV app. A very easy to access the app. Just one click and you can launch the Fire Stick TV.To use your phone as a remote, go to the play store and download the Amazon Fire TV app. The phone and the Fire TV must be connected to the same Wi-Fi.Read the following steps to know the procedures and follow them respectively.

Download the app

It supports devices with Android, iOS, and also on devices such as Amazon Fire phone and Fire tablet. Android users can go to the play store and choose. For iOS users, open your app store and you can search to find the app. This app is owned by AMZN Mobile LLC. Make sure to download from the proper owner.


Once you have installed, the credentials are necessary. When you open the app, you see a list of devices that the app shows with the blue tooth service. From them, choose your Fire Stick device by tapping on it. Then give your amazon credentials with the user name and password to sign in.

Enter the pin

After entering the credentials, you see a 4-digit pin on your TV screen. This is called a connection request code. Enter the pin on your phone and complete the signing-in procedure. Once done, the app is paired with your Fire Stick TV. You have now transformed your phone into a fully-fledged remote device and can start using your it to control everything as same as the original remote. 

After you have given details and entered the app, you can see theremote buttons on the screen of your phone. The app has the same features as that of a remote. They are the exact and typical like a Fire Stick remote. It also has some extra features of the remote, say rebooting. You can now use your phone the same as how you would use a remote. Your phone is a new remote now.


Let me also tell you a few benefits and working of this app in case if it might be helpful to you. When we compare Fire Stick remote with the Fire Stick app, the app has a large advantage over the other. If you were using an older version of the Fire Stick TV, it was not built with the Alexa feature. Replacing its remote with the new app, you can enjoy the benefits of Alexa on your same old TV. The app provides Alexa features with any generation of the Fire Stick TV. 

The keyboard in the Fire Stick app is a cool feature that you can enjoy. Previously, if you wanted to search for anything on the Fire TV, you will have to type by choosing the letters that you see on the screen keyboard with your remote. This is a bit annoying and also consumes your time. Now with the app, typing has become much easier. This keyboard is inbuilt in the app. You can open it and type normally as usual. Browsing has become easier with the app than with the remote. You will be thankful for this when you have to type any URLs’ for package installation. 

The app is much user friendly. Instead of the navigation circle like on the physical remote, you have a touchpad on the app to navigate anywhere through the Fire TV. Tap to choose any particular application. To scroll, move across the touchpad with your fingers. You can also swipe to view the selections/choices. This app has a shortcut list that allows you to launch any application whenever you want.

As earlier mentioned, to access the Alexa facility, long-press the mic symbol that you see on the app. This is for turning on the microphone. You can choose the Apps & Games icon to launch the application instantly on your Fire Stick TV. There are also other functions like the fast-forward, rewind, and Home button, etc. They are the same as that of the physical remote. There is something important to remember. The IP address of your device is visible to everyone. You can a VPN if you do not want your identity to be revealed out. Now you are good to go with the Amazon Fire Stick app.

Apart from mobile phones, there are other replacement devices for your Fire Stick TV like a wireless keyboard and air remote in many brands and sources. But the Fire TV app is the best out of all. You will agree with me if you have read all the above benefits of using the app. The original Fire Stick TV replacement remote is costly. Hence you can opt for a mobile application like this to save your penny. Usage wise also, the app is more friendly in terms than the remote. I hope you have not just found an answer to the question of whether you can use your phone as a remote, but also for the question of ‘how?’. It’s so simple and easy procedure to follow. Try this and share your thoughts about it worked for you.