Major changes are happening in every industry, right from logistics to recent technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Internet of Things. Similar changes are happening even in the E-Commerce industry. Few would have imagined that a new online industry will grab the attention of the global population at such a short time. In just a decade, E-commerce has touched the trillion dollar mark. And as per industry experts, this industry is expected to grow at an alarming pace of 6.5 trillion dollars by 2023.
After Etsy became a hit, every aspiring entrepreneur wanted to open online E-Commerce businesses all over the globe. After the outbreak of Covid-19, since many opted for online shopping, so many enthusiasts who kept their entrepreneurship dreams in the pipeline, ventured to become owners of E-Commerce websites. However, with too many websites fighting for a share of pie, the customers find it hard to select, analyse and purchase products.
There was a time when to select the best product for purchase, you need to roam the streets and visit various shops. Now, the time has changed. To purchase a product, you have to browse different websites and check their categories. Then, if you like the product, you can purchase the product online. Let us focus, in this article, on how E-commerce will change in 2021.

Optimize Every Fragment of Your Digital Presence for the Web

Optimize Every Fragment of Your Digital Presence for the Web
It is not that easy. The words are simple. Just two. Web optimization. But to make it perfect, you need to employ many tactics and strategies so that more visitors can get converted to customers. It is a competitive market and you need to add words in the E-Commerce website which attract the visitor and keep him/her engaged. It calls for proper content-writing/copywriting which can trigger the call-to-action in the minds of the visitor. The words should play with the psychological part such as fear of losing out on the offers, responding at the proper time and more. The result is converting the prospects into leads.
Now, the trend has changed. People are using voice search to find information on the website or internet. So, you need to optimize the E-Commerce content as per the demands of the target audience. There are also chances you may have to include long tail keywords within the content.


Images of Ecommerce website
Why does a customer come to your E-Commerce website? To make a purchase or opt for services to meet his/her demands. So, the images for products/services should contain relevant content and have high quality. Unlike a normal brick and mortar store, in an online store, it is the visuals of the products/services that will make a mark. The reason, the visitors can neither touch nor see products in reality. So, for them, the only option will be to see the images and make a decision. With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning making an entry to E-commerce, now a buyer can see a product from various angles. There are also options to check if a dress can look perfect, if worn, with the help of technologies such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Half a decade ago, there used to be only one visual of a product. Now, a single product on an E-Commerce website can contain even a video that gives a 360 degree view.

Simple, Understanding Design

Simple, Understanding Design
There was a time when bright striking colors were the mark of any digital presence, but now the trend has changed. Visitors, when they browse your E-Commerce website should not find the design too deviating from the purpose they came to the place. So, the navigation features should be simple and not confusing to the visitor. At a time, when consumers are strapped of cash, even the website owners know they come to make a purchase or opt for a service. They want to make the best use of their time on the website. So, it is vital that the design is kept simple.

Influencer Marketing on Websites

Influencer Marketing on Websites
Times/Technology - both have changed. But, if a business (online/offline) wants to sustain in the market, then trust is necessary. At all times. In recent days, when fake news and reviews are circulated in the market free of cost and at paid prices, customers look at influencers and famous personalities for advice. So, if you can have a famous person who can cut a mark with your products/services, then you may have him/her advertise on your website. This move can, for sure, bring about a difference in the traffic of the website.

Another way is to employ a leading personality of your industry to share information regarding your website and products. This move can strike a chord among the key audience. Purchase enthusiasts are likely to get product recommendations from public personalities they admire or worship. Will you believe there are popular influencer marketing platforms such as -
  • Upfluence 
  • CreatorIQ 
  • Post for Rent 
  • Social Bakers 
  • InstaBrand 
  • Hypr 
  • Julius 
  • Klear 
  • Content BLVD 
  • AdvoWire Taggers 

Personalized Experience

Every business converts into a brand, when customers connect your products with their lives. In other words, every E-Commerce website should give a personalized experience to a customer. Then, there are chances customers will add more products to their cart. So, are you interested in having an E-Commerce website in quick time to give wings to your entrepreneurship dreams? Then, take time to find the company which specializes in E-Commerce website designing for various industries. For example, if you are in Bangalore, it is better to hire a local company which has given services to international clients. This company will have a team of best E-commerce web developers in the globe. They should be able to understand your vision, mission and business insights. Also, they will have other services on hand, such as graphic designers and digital marketing managers. So, you will have every service at your disposal. So, the website should get completed in quick time and according to your requirements. 

Social Values and Environment Efforts

Social Values and Environment Efforts
There was a time when many used to keep a portion of their salary for donation and charity. But now, the trend has changed. Many are interested in purchasing products from companies, which donate a share of their profits to NGOs, environmental organizations and the needy. Unlike the 1960s crowd, Generation X focuses on preserving the environment and wholeheartedly supports those organizations who participate in social causes. 

Modifications in Product Description as Per the Trend

Modifications in Product Description as Per the Trend
The Covid-19 pandemic has brought many marketing theories to the forefront. Suddenly, there has been a rapid increase in the purchasing of sanitizer products. Also, many healthcare companies which manufacture disease-fighting liquids and soaps have started making advertisements such as - This product contains ingredients which fight Covid-19. So, you use, the changes happen. And it is up to the E-Commerce owners to make the changes in their advertisements, banners and flyers.


There are many who believe that chatbots have become the death doorbell to the customer service industry. These applications have modified the concept of customer care services in multinational organizations. For a case study, let us imagine, you are working as a Team Lead for a E-Commerce company in India. The company has introduced chatbots in its customer care service system. Now, this application can handle general queries, give prompt reply to customers, work 24/7 and more. The human executives can perform other important tasks which cannot be done by the chatbot. Now, isn’t this a happy event to be celebrated?


The above-mentioned points are some reminders on how E-Commerce will change in 2021. Yes, there are many more changes that will happen, but let us wait with a positive outlook towards the future.

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