Yesterday I finished all my blog work. Blog design and posted 1200 articles along with it. But 1200 articles are not written in one day. It took me almost 6 years to write 1200 articles. Articles will be about 1000 words each. Artificial intelligence has helped me tremendously in my work. Also got a few on the side. Several fiverr sellers, a designer friend helped me reach my target. One of the fiverr sellers is an article writer, with whom I have worked for about 2-3 years. He helped me a lot. I bought links from some people, which is against Google policy. Now I have stopped buying links. Posting well optimized articles is much better than buying backlinks. There are several ai article writers available, such as wordai, article forge etc. I tried them, not good at all. OK for web 2.0, but not suitable for money blogs.

Today is December 30th. Since the work of the blog is done, I will rest now. No commercial posts, no guest posts. Just check my blog statistics everyday. Every day I can learn and see many new things on the Internet. I'll try to write them here, or tweet about them.

I didn't have time to talk with my friends because of work, for the last 2-3 weeks. I will try to give them time from now, if possible I will call today. I could not do anything else because I was at work. Rather it was much better. I love to work. Plenty of time on hand now. I don't know how to spend time. A few days ago I bought a 65 inch sony bravia TV. Dad watched the World Cup 2022 very comfortably. Now the TV is not working like that. I will start playing TV again. Took the messenger ott. ZEE5 and National Geographic. My favorite channel is Animal Planet. I like to see animals very much. But these channels are all hd. No 4k channels. So sometimes I watch animals on YouTube, I get pleasure. All 4k videos. It's comforting to see. Moreover, even if I don't like to travel, I love to watch travel videos. I have subscribed to about 80-90 youtube travel channels. They all post 4k videos. All channels of my choice. Dad asked me a long time ago - What is Smart TV? So I showed my father wwhat smart TV is.

I was very busy with the design of the blog for some time. You all check out the homepage and let me know how you feel. Made with great effort. The homepage in my previous template was not responsive, but this time it is fixed. Added my private section at the very end. There are some posts and links to my Instagram channel and YouTube channel. Besides, there is a photo and short bio of me at the very beginning of the homepage. Infact every post has a short note about me at the end. There is also a link to my "About me" page. I have arranged the homepage to my liking. The blog is a bit slow because of that. But be that as it may, the element cannot be reduced. There is no unnecessary element in my blog. If you think there are any unnecessary things, let me know in the comments, I will see if it can be deleted.As everyone involved with my blog design knows, my blog design is inspired by gatesnotes. That is the blog of Bill Gates. Gatesnotes is 13 years old, and my blog is almost 6 years old. I follow many types of blogs, but gatesnotes design really stands out to me. I started grid style after seeing that blog. In fact, the video section has been colored black. It is also an inspiration. But the thing is, he is involved in many things. Therefore, the topics of his writing are very large and varied. His youth is divided into two parts. First Microsoft, then Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Made a lot of money doing the first, and donated a lot of money to the second, and still does. To reduce the death rate of one and a half children, giving polio vaccine, their education - he is working on these equally. Whoever is doing so much, he must be my idol. Or who else will be?
Blog of Bill Gates
The second reason why his blog is popular is that he himself is so famous, doing so much work, all the big sites have backlinks to his site. His name is being mentioned everywhere. So his domain authority is 81. very normal Search Google by writing Bill Gates. I am sharing two screenshots. One is normal websearch. And second is photo search. If you use the internet daily, you will know how many big websites mentioned him and got backlinks. This is the authority.

Let me say another thing about this. My uncle lives in Dubai. A few days ago I went to visit his house. Yesterday I thought to search google to see if there is any photo of my uncle. Got some photos. The first photo is taken from a tweet, the strange thing is that the tweet was not made by my uncle, but by Arvind Kejriwal. Mentioning uncle's name, wrote- this is my friend, Subrato Saha. I was very happy to see. So just think, it's not uncle's site, it's not uncle's company's site either. It's Delhi Chief Minister's Twitter account. As the photo was posted from such a high authority page, it beats all the other photos and came first of the search result. This is the power of authority. [Notable in this context, uncle is the founder of the company- Aquachemie]

I sometimes search my name on Google, see how many photos are indexed, how many are my blog and my social profiles. I know that no one will read these personal posts of mine. But I enjoy writing myself, my thoughts, my likes, my dislikes, everything will be mixed in this blog. Technology posts will be closed indefinitely from now on. At least 2 months. Until then I will post something personal. I will share if I find something interesting. Will try to write something about my trip to Dubai along with video.

Usually when I'm not working I listen to music on youtube or play games all day. I start working on the computer after waking up and turn off the computer before going to sleep at night. During this whole time, the songs on youtube are playing continuously. YouTube's recommendation algorithm is undoubtedly very good. But if you put it on autoplay, all the old songs will be repeated. I listen to this song every day. It would be great if they played some new songs. Sometimes it's annoying. I use youtube premium. So that no advertisement comes. My best friend says - "You earn from advertising, but you don't like advertising." What a strange thing indeed.

I have always been interested in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Now all big companies like Microsoft, Google are working with ai. A very simple example is Siri or Google Assistant. If you ask them, they answer as much as they can. If not, they show web search results. A company called openai works on AI. I really like their gpt-3 technology. Today, while browsing the net, I saw that gpt-3.5 version was released in October. They also released a chatbot, which they named Chatgpt. From what I read about it on the net, it is the best and most effective chatbot ever invented. I don't use this chatbot yet. If you don't signup, you won't be able to use openai. I will share my experience here very soon.

I was forced to sign up. Done with Google account. Then I chatted. Got some wrong information. Got some nice answers too. Here I am sharing the screenshot. Then it will be convenient for you to understand. I didn't chat much. According to what I have done, I have provided screenshots. But tech lovers are very excited about chatgpt.

ChatGPT Error
Openai's researchers said - it is in the early stages. Then think, at what stage will it go in 2025. AI has both advantages and disadvantages. AIs can now write articles themselves, and it's often impossible to tell whether humans or AIs have written them. Yes, it is possible with gpt 3.5 technology. As a result, bloggers can often write articles at a low cost without spending a lot on article writers with AI. Even that is happening. Then content writers are no longer needed. Maybe gpt 3.5 will fail on news blogs, because they don't have brand new news or information, but blogs that are evergreen, such as green tea. The information there will never be out of date.

Back to gatesnotes again. Don't you get bored? Ok, then let's start writing. When I first saw gatesnotes, his domain authority was 51, now it has increased to 81. It will be 90+ in the next year or two, I am sure of that. My blog's domain authority is not increasing anymore. At one point I actually quit working. It has been many months, I did not post any article. I started working again at the end of 2022. I also created another blog - sourospeaks, where I would collect questions from the internet and answer them. But that project has been failed. I deleted the domain.

As Bill Gates has a wide range of topics, mine is very limited. I used to read a lot. Now I can't concentrate so I quit reading books. In the middle I once bought a kindle to read pdf books, but I couldn't concentrate, I was forced to give it up. There are still plenty of books in the room. There are also books that I haven't read yet. I like photography very much. I love to take photos. Friends also shoot my photos. Here are a lot of photos on my Instagram and Pinterest profile. A Google search will turn up several photos. Besides photos, I also love music. As I said before, music plays all day in my house. Each room has a bluetooth speaker.

I also love to play video games. I have gaming pc. There are games like GTA5, RDR2, FIFA23. There are 11 games in total. But geforce doesn't show all of them. Because they don't have all the games in their list. Shows 9 games. gta is my very favorite game. I play the modded version. 5real says an update comes out every month, I am its subscriber. New update will come after 3-4 days.
My gamelist
Noticed one thing? I keep changing the subject. Come back to that topic later. I want Google to show my blog and my social profiles when I type "Sourajit Saha". But another boy's Instagram is showing. Another boy's youtube channel is showing. That's not right Google. I let you advertise on my blog and you don't show my profile on the front page. Anyway, keep it up today, may write again tomorrow.