As I work as an online marketer, I have to work with multiple keywords. You know keyword research is a crucial part of blogging. You should research keywords before creating a blog. I made a blog on Psychology and post articles written by my content writer. I got almost no traffic on that blog. Cause those are high competition keywords. And moreover, Google is very sensitive about medical or health niche. Why? Because apparently, it's a serious issue where you can't do compromise. If you check any medical term in the google search, you will see Mayoclinic, WebMD, etc. You can only find authority source blogs on their first page. If you think you will make a hell of backlinks and rank, it's not possible cause authority sites like Webmd does not link back to any site which is six months old and thin content. I spent almost 60000 rupees on that site, and the site was a super flop. Maybe I made 50$ from it. So, I will suggest you find a niche and make a profit from it don't ever go for medical websites. 

Two topics of medical where you can get backlinks. These are hugely popular niche, evergreen niche and profitable. Hair Loss and Weight Loss. Here are the keyword difficulty of those keywords. You can start a blog on it, but the keyword difficulty is really high. You can focus on long tail keywords.

Another popular keyword (non-medical) is make money blogging. Once I searched this keyword a lot, I found too many ways to it; some are working share-worthy. Some are not working now. I will share here today the methods which are not working now. First of all, I will tell about Hitleap, and I wrote an article on Hitleap before, you can definitely talk a look at it. Hitleap can generate lots of traffic, but unfortunately, you can not monetize them in a right way. As the days are gone, ad networks are getting smarter. Still, you can find some ad networks which still allow auto generate traffics like hitleap traffic or jingling traffic.

Like Adversal. Once I tried Adversal and Jingling combo together, and I was able to make $$$ from it. At the starting, I made 3-5 USD per day. But suddenly I saw a significant revenue drop. Please don't laugh at the word significant. Revenue was not big obviously, but the percentage of dropping was huge. It was only 12-15 cents after few days. The reason of dropping was completely strange to me. But now I can understand that easily cause now I have experience of working as an advertiser. When an advertiser runs a campaign, he takes a detailed view of his campaign stats. If he finds any site (where his advertisement has been displayed) he stops showing his ad on that site or reduces his bid for that site. So lower bid is the reason of less revenue. So to get a stable income from this kind of site, sending bot traffic or sending traffic exchange site's traffic trick won't work for a long time, yet you can try for the experiment.

Another Hitleap trick was with short URL. Hitleap with URL shortening site like Adfly, Shortest, Adfocus was the basic concept. There is a rule of those sites. If you click one of their links, it will open a 5 seconds countdown will happen. Then you will see an option. Click on skip ad. When you click on it, you will find your desired page. Though I can not understand why people are talking about this trick cause, there is no suck way to click on the "Call To Action" buttons. And if you don't click on that option, you won't make money. So how is it possible?

There is another trick, which seemed good to me. You can make money with Hitleap and Propellerads. Propellerads is a leading ad network for mainly pop-under ads. In this trick, someone claimed that you could make money from it. But Hitleap has no ability to click on the page so how the popunder will appear? Here is the way. Go to, create a Blogspot blog like, create a post by copying any article from the web. Then add your site to Propellerads. They take maximum 1 minute to approve your site. As soon as it gets approved, go to codes. Create a popunder and copy the code. Go to blogger's layout. Add a widget, select javascript. Paste your pop-under code. Save your layout. Now open your website. Click on any place. A popunder window will appear, you have to copy the code quickly starts like- oneclickads... if you late for few seconds, the site URL will be diverted to advertiser's site. So quickly copy it and then paste it to Hitleap as your URL. Set timer as 15-28 secs. The concept is pretty good. When we click to any page, and the popunder appears, it goes to ad server first, then redirects to different sites, depends on advertiser's demographic selection. But unfortunately, this trick won't work for me. If you get any position result, comment below kindly. PTP is also a worthless thing for making money. PTP means Paid To Promote. You just have to copy your unique code and have to send traffic to that URL. You may earn 0.50$ per day from it. It works, but if you waste you one USD electric bill to make 0.50$ income, it will be ridiculous.

There is a good trick for AdSense users. Especially for event bloggers. It's click-jacking. That means if you click any place on the website where the click-jacking script is loaded, the script will consider any click on that web page as an ad click. So your chance of money making will be 10-20x more. When the event will happen, add the script just before the previous night for 8-10pm for the best result. But Google is now smart enough to identify that. They banned too many members of our community. Extreme higher CTR may also be a cause. One of my friends made 6000$, and his account has been disabled before 3-4 days of payment. So don't be too greedy, follow AdSense policy and conditions. I have the script. But I will not provide you. I don't want my script is going to be the reason of your account disabled.

Neobux and other but websites are worthless too. The basic concept of these sites is very simple. You have to see ads, and you will get money instead of it. My first online investment was on Onbux. The worst experience, or maybe my expectations was too high. Anyway, if you have any other way which works no more, you can share with me in a comment. I would love to hear from you. Anyway, take care. Have a nice day.