The website is a living entity, where people search for latest information daily. A static website without update seems dead website to search engine like google. It seems like there is nothing new to provide visitors. Google loves a fresh website that updates frequently. If you update your blog/ website regularly with high-quality content, the search engine will love your blog definitely. The more you will put fresh and quality content in it, the more frequently crawler bot will crawl and index your site to their search result. It will increase the chance of higher ranking of your site, and therefore you will get more visitors.
content is the king
Every time you update your blog/website, search engines notice this and they re-arrange our site's ranking. So if you update your old content that already ranked, you can make sure your site's position on page one. As you know, Google is called the search engine giant, and it loves fresh content. In order to get massive traffic from it, you must update your blog/website frequently. Besides, when you update your site with more and more contents, actually you have added more keywords to it. It will increase the opportunity to rank your blog for few more keywords.

I wrote an article on Google's latest algorithmic update Fred, which literally shakes the SEO world. Google love keywords contained an article, but... google hate keyword stuffed content. If you unnecessarily stuff keywords just for getting ranked better in the search engine. You have to face something bad in return of it. Many people asked, "What's the best ratio of keyword and text"? Basically, there is no exact ratio o them. If you write a natural article, the text and keywords will come automatically. Do not write keyword stuffed content, white content that can help your readers. 

Nowadays all bloggers and webmaster are striven to become a niche authority in Google's eyes. But the important thing is to deliver quality content as you know there is a popular sentence among webmasters that, "Content is the king". The more informative, more valuable content you deliver, the more authority your site will gain. So if you want to own an authority site, forget about on-page optimization, off-page optimization, SEO tricks and all. Just concentrate on quality content. The large your site will get the chance of getting authority will be higher for your site. If you check all the authority sites like Forbes, Huffington Post, CNN, IGN, WebMD all they have tens of thousands of pages indexed by Google. When your site will become a big site with a large number of pages? Simple, when you will regularly update your site. The more you will write on a particular topic with quality content; you will become a stronger authority and both people and search engine begin to trust you. The more they will trust you, the more they will purchase the products suggested by you which are basically affiliate marketing. 

content is king
Another benefit of updating content regularly is to keep present subscribers updated. Being a subscriber, I know how eagerly I wait for the upcoming post on the blogs those I subscribe. This will increase audience engagement that develops long term relationship. As a result of it, your website will be an authority site in reader's eyes as well as Google's eyes.

 As I told before updating old article works like a charm. But that does not mean update only one article can make big difference. A large change to main body text. In fact, google may ignore the small change/update completely. Maybe you know that adding a comment to your post is considered as post update. But it has a minor effect. There are few things which are considered as less important content. Updating them does not matter so much to Google like JavaScript, comments, advertisements, navigation, etc. these are considered as the fake freshness of a blog post.

The more often a page will update, the more value it will gain regarding freshness. Suppose the homepage of Los Angeles Times, which updates every day. Though I said about the importance of old post update, still new page creation is the better idea for updating a site. A website that adds new pages at a higher rate like New York Times or DNA India gets a higher freshness score than the website that adds new page less frequently. Links are also a freshness signal, the more new links your page will gain, the more freshness signal your blog will gain. But remember, unnatural link building activity also indicates spam or manipulative link building techniques.

It's better to get a link from a fresh page than to get a link from the static page. One more thing, fresh is not always best. Even a web page that has been made in 2008 can outranks a web page that has been made in 2017, which is fresh also. Authority of the domain and page plays a vital role here.

So here are some tips for you. Create new and useful content regularly. When you will update your old content, do a major change in its body part. Natural link building is he best practice, don't go for link scheme. Otherwise, all your effort will go in vain. So be fresh be relevant and be useful. No more today. If you have any question related this post, feel free to ask me here. Just do drop a comment below. If you really link this post, then share it with your friends via social media like Tweeter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and much more. Take care. Have a nice day.