Most of the posts, I play my own trumpet. I write about the motivational speech by some epic person like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet. I write about how I have learned about blogging, online marketing. I have shared here some of my photography samples now I will discuss about something (actually a lot of things) which I can't do. Yeah, I have some limitations too. 

If I say about something that I wanted to learn, but still I could not do that. Learning guitar is one of them. I purchased an acoustic guitar, and tried to play it by watching some YouTube videos, and ended up by selling the guitar after a week on the same shop.
Things Which I Can't
Mixing music (DJ equipment) is something I really wanted to learn even now. Once I searched on Justdial, looking for any DJ course. There were a few in Kolkata. But I don't have the ability to attend courses there. And one of those institute named "Gurukul" often called me if I'm interested in joining there or not. And I deny every time. For the last few months, I did not get any call from them. 

Most of the jobs here- you should have good handwriting. Whatever if he is a receptionist or a CEO of a company. I'm the one, with the worst handwriting you have ever seen. Thank goodness that there is an option called- keyboard. When I was young, my mom asked me, your handwriting is so bad. How do you get a job? I said I would write on a computer with a keyboard. Coincidentally it happens now. 

Once I was a book-worm when I was a kid, teenager and early adulthood. I could read a book even 1-2 hours at a stretch. But now I can't read/concentrate on the book, not more than 5 minutes. I love to read still. I read the blog posts, which are 500-1000 words. If someone writes a blog post of 2000+ words, most of the time I just check it at a glance. 

In the same way, I can't watch a movie for a long time. And I don't go to the movie hall for a long time. (No, I went to watch Zero, just to watch SRK, but I was sleeping most of the time). My friends ask me a lot if we can go for a movie, and I said- no dude, you can go and enjoy. For that reason, I don't subscribe to Netflix or Amazon Prime. Cause web series is very much popular now. 

I can't swim. And I never ever tried to learn this. I went to Digha, Puri and Goa for several times; I've enjoyed the waves, water, people around me. But I can't swim. Even I went to a swimming pool in Bangkok. Whenever I heard about the pool, I just leave my luggage at room and went to that swimming pool within no time. It was fun. I really enjoy spending time in the water in summer. Sometimes, I went to go to ponds, Uttiyo and my family know that. I have spent quality times in the pond just beside the Kalyani stadium. Even I have made a bathtub in my bathroom so that I can take a bath anytime I want, though it takes 10-15 minutes to fill. 

I'm really shy, reserve and introvert. I can't speak with a completely unknown guy or girl first unless they start talking to me. And sometimes people consider it ego or attitude. But it's completely wrong, I swear. If you think I have an attitude problem, I will request you to spend 1-2 hours with me, and I could prove you wrong.

I'm a very unsocial person, what should be considered as a negative side of a person. I generally don't go to any puja, marriage, or whatever the program is. The last program I have attended is my brother's wedding. And I was so happy during the full program. I took a lot of photo on my google pixel 2. it was really fun. 

I can't go anywhere alone, generally. But sometimes I can. Sometimes I go to the City Centre alone, roaming around the area, go to the McDonald's, eat a burger and cold drinks. Have a tattoo. And then come back by road with Gobindo Kaku/Amit da. But in general, I need someone to travel, someone to share a table at a restaurant, someone to get wet in the rain together, someone to walk around in Kalyani or Kolkata. 

I can't drive a car, four wheelers. Once I tried, and the car owner controlled the clutch and gear. I just controlled the steering and accelerator and break. I don't like to drive a bike at all. but driving a car, especially an automatic gear car is something, I dream about. But as we don't have enough money to buy a wonderful sedan, and we don't have any more space in our house, so I have to forget that issue.

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