Smart appliances are the norm and not the exception today. It was not very long ago that this was not even a possibility, and now they are everywhere. From computers, phones, tablets, TVs, printers you can find smart devices on any piece of hardware. Even the ones that you might not think about, such as fridges, air conditioning, even your toaster. This does come at a price though. That price is that we have become very much dependent on our technology. Not just the tech itself, but also the fact that most of this stuff needs to connect to the Internet to function properly. Having smart devices is very convenient, but it can also run you the risk of depending on something that is more fragile than its regular counterpart.
How to Install Apk on Android TV from USB
TVs have evolved a lot since they first came into the scene. We now have enormous screens, with outrageous resolutions. Response times and contrast ratios will make your jaw drop. These are just a few of the great technological advances that you will find in any regular TV. Gone are the days when your TV was a huge monster that weighted more than you. Our thin and light screens are much better than their older counterparts. This much is obvious.

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TVs themselves are now smart, and many of them come ready to provide digital content. That is not the case with all models though, and this is where Android TV comes into play. Let’s take a look at what it is, what it does, and how you can customize it to fit your needs.

What is Android TV?

Android TV is a small box that plugs into any TV with a compatible input port. It will plug into the internet and display your selected content on the screen you plugged it into. It is that simple. You can make any screen smart with this device, and it comes equipped with a few features that are very interesting.

1. Google Assistant: 

The Google Assistant comes pre-installed on every version of Android TV available. It provides a way to get suggestions and link your Android TV to the rest of your Google Ecosystem. You can also do searches and control your TV through voice commands. This technology has been evolving fast. It is now very usable and you should try it if you haven’t done so yet.

2. Chromecast: 

Chromecast is a very useful thing to have. It enables you to cast from any other device connected to your home network, such as your phone, tablet or PC. You can simply send the content and control its playback options from your device of choice. Right into your Android TV. Having this is very convenient because it works very well. It is fast and responsive and keeps you from having to use your remote control. That alone is a great plus for Chromecast.

3. Google’s PlayStore: 

With Android TV you get access to Google’s own app store. This means that you have at your fingertips thousands of apps. Many of them designed specifically to work with Android TV. You can find streaming services, all sorts of utilities and even games. This is a great feature that gives Android TV an advantage over most of its competitors in the market. The power of the PlayStore makes a difference in many different instances.

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Two ways to get Android TV

If you do not own one already you might be wondering how you would go about getting one. There are two options available to you at the moment:

1. Get it pre-installed with certain brands of TVs: 

Some well-established brands have adopted Android TV as their Operating System for their smart TVs. You should look in the product description to find out which ones come with it installed. Chances are that if you own one of these you are already aware of this detail. You can see the Android TV logo on several places when using the TV.

2. Buy a dedicated box: 

This is a very common choice. It is getting more and more popular. You can get several different brands of boxes. They interface with the TV through an HDMIport. They are an excellent choice to turn an older screen into a smart TV. They are usually not very expensive and very compatible. Make sure that you have a reliable internet connection before getting one, though. All of Android TV’s magic will be lost if you cannot stream well. This should not be a concern for most of us. The quality of Internet service around the world is of a very high standard today. It is more than capable of handling the needs of your Android TV.

An APK. Sorry, what?!

We are getting closer to the topic at hand. Let’s define an APK. An APK is basically the format in which Android PlayStore apps are stored and installed. Think of them as an installer for your Android device. You can use them to install anything on a device that is powered by the Android Operating System. Now on to the guide itself, check it out.

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Step by step guide

1. Allow Unknown Sources on your TV. 

You can do this from the settings menu, in the security option.

2. Get your APK installer on a USB stick: 

Pretty straightforward. We assume that if you are looking to install a specific APK it means that you already know how to get it.

3. Connect your USB stick to the TV and click it: 

This step should be easy. You just need to click on your file once the USB stick is recognized by the TV. Navigate to the file and open it.

4. Wait until it is done: 

Not much to do here. Make sure you do not turn off the TV, though.

5. Enjoy your app!