Ahhh, after a long time. Back to my personal blog post. Even if you check my blog on Google, you will see the sentence- welcome to my personal blog. Now it's turned to my money blog surprisingly. I wrote several times on this blog that I won't add any kind of advertisement on this blog from any ad network platform like Google Adsense or media.net (yahoo and bing network). Last year (2019) in January, almost one year ago, I thought what it would be if my pictures appeared on google images if I search my name (who else give a fcuk). I added several PBN links to my blog. My domain authority increased. And my pictures started to appear on Google. No doubt, it gave me immense pleasure. Even sometimes, some of my friends asked me to show some photos (example-tattoo); it may be at that time, no photo of my tattoo was in my smartphone gallery. I searched on google as a "sourajit saha tattoo," and pictures appeared. It was quite a surprise to them. An ordinary boy's tattoo was shown on Google. Here are a few examples of my photo on google search.
Sourajit Saha on Google 1

Sourajit Saha on Google 2

Sourajit Saha on Google 3
As the domain authority increased and i was looking for a new niche for a new blog. If I started a brand new blog, it took a few months (depends on the competition) to rank on google's first page. As I already had some authority, I didn't miss the chance to use it. I made a new niche blog on technology/android on my existing blog. My blog's title was changed from "Sourajit Saha: Story Of My Life" to "Sourajit Saha: Android Geek." as I needed a lot of articles, and I'm very poor in writing researched articles, I hired a content writer with good writing skill and excellent communication. i posted a lot of articles, more than 130. still, only a few of my articles ranked for specific keywords. I started to analyze- what's wrong with it? Later I found- I was trying to rank for some medium competitive keyword. I didn't have enough google trust and authority to rank over some tech giant sites like TechRadar, TheNextWeb, Gizmodo, etc. but, as my few articles ranked for some keywords, I was able to bank few hundred dollars from it, which helped me to start my next project.
Sourajit Hard Work
I have sold my mirrorless camera. Yes, you read it right. Actually, we had a group of some photography enthusiasts, and we love to click portrait photos, more specifically night portrait photoshoot. I purchased a premium quality camera- Sony a7iii. I bought a led light for the darker situation. We were able to click a few hundred photos until we were separated for everyone's personal work. I did not use my camera at that time, rather than clicked with my Google Pixel 2 (which has been stolen). So i wanted to sell the camera and put an ad on Olx. I got many offers from buyers. At last, I found someone who was really loyal and, he would be able to keep my camera in excellent condition. Right now, I'm using Samsung s10e. This smartphone is really handy, precisely what I want. Redmi handsets are good also, but they are not as handy as s10e.

More articles are coming soon in this blog. Most of them are based on "Kodi". Hopefully, I will rank a few articles for a few keywords. Let's see.

Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world, and he came to India a few days ago. He met my idol, Shahrukh khan. Here is the video, you can see the gossip of the trio- jeff Bezos, Zoya Akhtar, and Shahrukh khan.
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