I feel tired today. Yesterday I posted seven articles, and today six articles have been posted. I wrote 3 of them, and rest articles have been written by my article writer. I must praise her work. She is superb, knows well about on-page optimization, whereas I take care of both on-page and off-page optimization. It takes ten years to learn about Search Engine Optimization, blogging, keyword research, etc. Still, I think myself a newbie. Because SEO is a vast chapter and you could never say- I know everything about SEO. SEO has been evolved slowly. A few days ago, I got a message from Semrush mentioned that even no-follow link would carry some value. Here is the message- "Google has officially announced that starting March 1, 2020, it will no longer treat the no-follow attribute as a directive to ignore links, and sometimes will use those links for crawling and indexing purposes."
Stay Away From Fiverr Guest Post Sellers
Fiverr guest post sellers are a big fraud. They mentioned about the backlink in their gigs as do-follow backlinks. They also provide do-follow, but a few days later, they make it no-follow—waste of money. There are three ways you can improve your blog. Purchase backlinks inside the guest posts from Fiverr, buy an expired domain with similar tropical trust flow, and purchase quality articles from native article writers. Whenever you receive an article, don’t forget to check it via Copyscape. So among the three methods, I believe purchasing quality articles are good to rank your blog well in Search Engine. Though it takes a long time, blogging is still profitable if you can do it correctly. I now have 543 articles on my blog. I checked today morning that my crawling rate had been increased in the past 1-2 months. So it’s great. The more articles you post, the crawler will more frequently crawl your blog and index them on google and other search engines in the same way. 

I ordered a Fiverr seller to make few redirect backlinks. I was very happy after thinking that it will help my blog’s ranking on google. But it is a big lie. I came to know that after reading in the Google forum section, a blogger asked- "How can I get a backlink from Google to push DR?"

A Google employee replied-“To push DR? why is it important for you? Is it a third-party metric? If you want to improve in that metric, well... But that third-party metric is not related to Google rankings, and it would be a "bit strange" that you improve that third party metric to improve in Google rankings, right? BTW, Google Searches backlinks do not push up your Google rankings ;-) nor also Maps, or Google My Business, nor does it happen with any social network backlink... etc., etc.” I felt upset and immediately canceled the gig. My backlinks were increased after his work. But today I found that I have lost a good amount of backlinks. He told me that he would delete backlinks that he made. I agreed. Because those backlinks are completely useless, according to the Google employee, he has probably deleted those backlinks. Even I don’t want to keep some worthless things in my blog. Still, there are some good sellers exist in Fiverr. One of them gave me a Grammarly Premium account for 5 USD for a lifetime, which I'm using still now.

I have a few useless blog posts on my blog, like Sudip is our official photographer, a song by Avik, Chocomumu, etc. though all of them are good friends of mine. Ambika (Founder of Chocomumu) gave me a huge surprise on my 27th birthday. Sudip clicked a lot of pictures of mine. So all I can say that it’s a gift for those. But the post I wrote for promoting Avik’s song is a cheap, low-quality blog post. But I don't want to delete those. It may create some broken links. So it’s better to keep them as they are. 

I have a posture problem due to working for longtime work since 2010. I can’t stand steady. I can’t sit steady. Moreover, I have HLA-B27 Positive in my blood. It causes Ankylosing Spondylitis. I came over a time when I couldn’t stand for more than 10-15 minutes. Even going to the toilet from the bed was a tough situation for me. Now I have overcome all those traumas. But I can't play football anymore because of the disease. It's hard to sit on the bed and read a book. I have tried it at many places to read the book. Sitting on the bed, propped up on the bed, on my computer desk, on the dining table. I couldn’t find a suitable place to sit and read a book. Now I got a posture; it's easy to sit ridiculously on the sofa and read books. Right now, I am reading a book written by Satyajit ray’s wife, Vijaya Ray. Name- "Amader Kotha" (Our Story). I’m enjoying the book. There is a lot of information about Satyajit Ray in this book. Okay, No more today. If you have any questions related to this article, feel free to ask me in the comment section below. If you find this article share-worthy, then kindly share it with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest. Keep reading my other posts. Bye.